Air France takes targeted approach to digital learning

"The aim is to offer a one-stop shop for information sources of different types. This helps our executives develop their leadership skills.


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Air France takes targeted approach to digital learning


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Developing a leadership culture

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Air France is engaged in a major transformation project–Perform 2020–that aims to develop a shared everyday work, by enhancing their performance and efficiency while offering solutions. To make this a reality, the airline has launched a major training digitization project aimed at directors and managers. This supports people in their everyday work, and helps them to enhance their performance and efficiency, by offering solutions tailored to various learning profiles.
The economic performance of Air France-KLM group depends on the performance of its workforce. The group employs a fulltime-equivalent workforce of 96,000 people worldwide, in jobs as diverse as the high-profile role of airline pilot to less well-known roles such as flight manager.

Preparing for change

In 2014, Air France-KLM’s training department, in collaboration with CrossKnowledge, set up a learning portal for 8,000 of its managers, followed in early 2015 by a platform designed for the group’s 400 top executives. “The Perform 2020 project was launched to help us face to new conditions in the sector, the ultracompetitive environment, and the need to grow our business. The goal was to boost efficiency and operational performance” says Anne Grjebine, Training and Campus Director at Air France. Digital training makes it possible to offer shorter training times, enhanced learner involvement and business trend awareness, along with leadership skills development, digital culture, and management 2.0.

Two platforms, two target groups, one approach

For managers, including flight preparation agents and executives with specialized professional expertise, the emphasis is on their role as a communicator and leader, and on solving day-to-day problems. This requires in-depth analysis of management issues from an operational point of view (setting goals, giving feedback to staff, appraisals, etc.) The portal placed at their disposal, called My Learning, includes not only learning content but also social functionality, such as content sharing, comment posting and discussions. These are of interest to Air France because they encourage interactions between managers. The high-performance search engine also played a part in the decision because, according to Anne Grjebine: “we want our people to be able to find answers to questions, so a search function was really important”.
The My Learning Executives portal, aimed at the Top 400 in the Air France-KLM group, offers more strategically oriented content. The CrossKnowledge platform is used as a hub featuring not only a wide variety of resources but also links to external websites focused on management and innovation. It also integrates Yammer, which Air France uses as a corporate social network. “The aim is to offer a one-stop shop for information sources of different types. This helps our executives develop their leadership skills, because being linked to innovative resources stimulates in-depth thinking and provides inspiration for the future” says Anne Grjebine. Two Twitter feeds are also included: one on management, the other on current airline news, so that the executives can keep themselves informed in real time.

For both target groups, Air France has chosen a wide variety of learning media, including e-learning modules, videos, content from the CrossKnowledge catalog, and third party content. The material targets high-level management issues (empowerment, innovation, etc.), with the focus always being on leadership.

Thinking ahead following encouraging early results

Over 10,000 login hours were clocked up in the first few months of My Learning and learner feedback has been extremely positive. “Users are satisfied, and especially like the fact that there are no barriers to entry and that the content is so stimulating. People also appreciate the intuitive nature of the experience” says Anne Grjebine.

However, Air France has no intention of stopping there, and is developing new content with the goal of expanding the user base and increasing frequency of use, by covering more targeted subjects. “We’re currently seeing an average of two login hours for managers and executives, so there’s plenty of room for progress, says Anne Grjebine. Our development strategy for the future will include mobile learning, to give users even easier access to the modules, videos, archives and publications that are of most interest to them”.