B. Braun builds reputation as a great employer with quality online learning

"The quality of the CrossKnowledge experts is mind-boggling. So the e-learning content lived up to the hype



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B. Braun builds reputation as a great employer with quality online learning


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Attracting and retaining talent

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B. Braun was recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work For in 2014 by the Economic Times. The company’s Business School is one of the reasons that it is such a popular employer in the healthcare sector. Additionally it helps the company retain employees and attract new recruits. As B. Braun grew, the company wanted to offer high quality distance learning in addition to classroom training, and to stimulate the appetite for online courses amongst its employees.

B. Braun Medical (India) Pvt Ltd was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of global healthcare supplier B. Braun. Since then it has made rapid strides in the Indian market, winning customers in every corner of the subcontinent. However, with 1,250 employees working at 150 locations across India, classroom training isn’t always the most appropriate and cost effective vehicle for skills training. In 2013, B. Braun was looking for a content partner to help create a blended learning program for its Business School, and to encourage its adoption by 350 English- speaking employees.

Proven learning design for a carefully balanced blend

The e-learning element of the blend needed to fit seamlessly with a new Business School program designed to boost performance by addressing skill gaps based on the Lominger Competency Model. CrossKnowledge was able to offer tried-and-tested learning paths that were already a 90% fit with B. Braun’s learning approach. “They, and their local partner Eduriser, worked closely with our in-house design team to iron out any remaining issues, says Sanjiv Mishra, Head of HR & Administration for B. Braun India. Together they created a three-year competency development program, which targets three levels of employees and dovetails with our Performance Management framework. Getting the design right was a challenge. It wasn’t enough to satisfy the HR concern – we had to convince B. Braun’s senior management that the design was fit to deliver the business needs before we could take it to our end users.”
The range of business, leadership and management themes in the CrossKnowledge Library – from innovation and creativity, to negotiation skills and sales and marketing techniques – was a good match for B. Braun’s requirements. The Library’s multi-format content offering was also a major benefit, with videocasts, e-learning sessions, pre- and post-assessments, supporting summaries and action tips ensuring an engaging an involving and interactive learning experience, all delivered through the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite.

Marketing the Business School program

To drive uptake of the new competency development program, B. Braun developed a marketing strategy that would engage and motivate its target audience on a number of levels. “We ran teaser campaigns to raise awareness, we encouraged competition and positive peer pressure, and we celebrated individual successes – all of which generated great word of mouth” says Sanjiv Mishra. Completing the e-learning component doesn’t just earn a certificate of completion, it is a precondition for moving on to the classroom training, which then leads to outbound courses where learners can develop their leadership qualities in realistic situations. As such, it was crucial that the online learning stage delivered on the expectations B. Braun had set. “The quality of the CrossKnowledge experts is mind-boggling, says Sanjiv Mishra. So the e-learning content lived up to the hype.”

Driving employee development

According to Sanjiv Mishra little ‘push’ was needed to get employees to register for the program. “People have nominated themselves to participate, and then motivated themselves to work hard to complete it” he says. On average, employees spend 40 hours on the training each quarter – a level of engagement with which he is very satisfied. “Some people even take leave to complete their courses – they’re that keen to get their pass mark and make progress to the next level.” But course design and content aren’t the only motivating factors. “The quality of the program design we co- created with CrossKnowledge and Eduriser helped secure the commitment of senior management. Our Managing Director owned the process. He and the senior management team completed their assigned training within the target time, and urged their teams on with the message that this isn’t just any training course, it’s about making B. Braun the best in the market. We also branded the whole program as an expression of four Sanskrit principles: Lakshya, Dakshya, Gyan and Pragyan which translate as Objective, Skill, Knowledge and Wisdom, and that really connects with our target learners.”

Raising B. Braun’s market profile

High quality training is also a major selling point for B. Braun when hiring new staff. “The digital side of the Business School is helping us build on our award- winning reputation” says Sanjiv Mishra. “People mention the competency development program at interviews, so the word has definitely got out there. That makes it easier for us to attract and retain the high standard of employee we need to stay at the top of our industry.”