Bradesco empowers its leaders

"The Lidera Portal is a valuable lever to disseminate our development strategies.



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Bradesco empowers its leaders


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Bradesco, Brazil’s second largest private sector bank, views human capital as a key strategic asset. It believes that its biggest competitive advantage comes from its employees – and their ability to develop their skills. Staff
competence, efficiency, respect and quality results for customers have all contributed to Bradesco’s title of ‘most valuable banking brand’ in Latin America in 2015, after a study conducted by The Banker magazine and the international brand consultancy Brand Finance. Now a leadership portal is helping to empower leaders for the future.

Bradesco has over 80,000 people working across a network of branches and supporting services. The bank recently launched a leadership development program to ensure that it continues to innovate in key areas of its operation. Part of this involves disseminating its leadership ideals and preparing leaders for a business environment in which, more than ever, customers demand a close relationship with the bank.

A portal to connect leaders

“We need to develop our leaders’ competencies, continuously and on a large scale, so we can execute our business strategies effectively, says Victor Rosa Marinho de Queiroz, Human Resources Manager at Bradesco. Bradesco is known for its strong corporate culture, but it’s a challenge to stay flexible and find new solutions for our clients.”

Faced with this challenge, Bradesco saw the need to improve its leadership education practices. It set out to offer individualized training programs, to create a culture of continuous learning, and to motivate autonomy and self-development. At the end of 2014, Bradesco launched the Lidera Portal (Leadership Portal), an online community that involves the entire leadership of the organization, including senior management. In practical terms, the Lidera Portal makes it possible for leaders to connect and overcome the obstacle of physical distance. It aims to promote best practice behaviors whilst allowing leaders to interact and learn from each other. Monthly debates focus on the leadership direction of the Bank, highlight development actions and provoke reflection. Every week Bradesco leaders are emailed videos – either taken from the CrossKnowledge Library or featuring Bradesco executives talking about business practice.

Preparing leaders for demanding customers

“Valuing customers is one of the core behaviors of a Bradesco leader, says Victor. The Lidera Portal, hosts a series of videos that encourage learners to reflect on customer relationships.” Bradesco worked hard to deliver on this theme, and others, through carefully selected videos and debates. Initially, the bank chose 120 videos that it felt were most relevant. However, when it evaluated the most- watched videos, it discovered that the poplar topics were those exploring interpersonal relationships and quality of life. This has directly influenced the developmental goals set out for the organization’s leadership. “The Lidera Portal is helping us to understand the learning profile of our leaders, says Victor. And now Bradesco leaders have a better understanding of how the company views them, and what it expects of them, as well as a more proactive attitude to their own development. CrossKnowledge offers a rich catalog of content that we can confidently apply to our organization’s development strategies. It also helps internal ‘ambassadors’ to propagate an efficient, solution-focused culture.” From a manager’s perspective the content is concise and easy to navigate, with clear and thought provoking messages. “Questions at the end of each video highlight the point that we need to keep questioning things and that there are no easy, quick answers” says Victor.

Aware of the impact of digital learning on the performance of its teams, Bradesco plans to extend its e-learning strategy even further. “The Lidera Portal is a valuable lever to disseminate our development strategies,” concludes Victor Rosa Marinho de Queiroz. Around 4,000 leaders are already developing themselves through the Lidera Portal, and the organization expects to reach more than 12,000 professionals by the end of 2015.