Innovative learning approach at Philips to improve employee wellbeing

"CrossKnowledge has a lot of experience with learner marketing strategies, which they shared with us. They really inspired our thinking about how to promote the portal and engage employees."


Director of Social Innovation, PHILIPS



Innovative learning approach at Philips to improve employee wellbeing

Philips chose CrossKnowledge Learning Suite as the platform for its Fit Forward Health Portal (FFHP), a new digital learning environment that promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of nearly 14,000 employees across The Netherlands. The company also worked closely with CrossKnowledge to design the portal, to populate it with bestin-class content and to market it internally.

Philips is renowned for its original thinking, and strives to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting. But the organization doesn’t just innovate in the area of products and services; it also has the goal of ‘social innovation at work’. Philips set out to create a powerful online health tool that people could access 24/7, so they could learn at their own pace, at home as well as at work and take control of their health.

Making the portal a seamless ‘on brand’ experience for users

For a global brand of Philips’ caliber, recognition and trust are vital. While the Fit Forward Health Portal was being created, Philips was also in the process of launching a redesigned corporate identity. It was essential that the portal complied with Philips’ new brand guidelines, and had a look and feel consistent with its core identity – which is Caring, Innovative & Impactful. CrossKnowledge worked through several design iterations
to deliver what the company wanted, achieving a final version of the portal to deliver a consistent tone of voice that is distinctly ‘Philips’. “The portal had to feel like it was ours, says Yvonne van den Berg, Philips Benelux’s Director of Social Innovation. So, as well as getting the look and feel right, CrossKnowledge also had to integrate their LMS seamlessly with our platform, linking both thanks to a Single Sign On (SSO), so that users, coaches and content providers can log in to the portal using their Philips ID.” CrossKnowledge’s integration expertise enabled it to deliver this functionality, made the sign-in process hacker-proof, and ensured that employees’ personal information is stored securely.

Populating the FFHP with the right content

Of course, no portal can achieve much without the right content. A unique health and wellbeing collaboration between CrossKnowledge and e-health company Medicinfo allowed Philips to address four key health themes: work/life integration, healthy lifestyle, balancing work, and way of life. Where these dealt explicitly with medical subjects – such as physical health or nutrition – content from Medicinfo was the best match. Where there was a mental or personal development component, CrossKnowledge content was the ideal fit. “It’s very important for us to offer the highest quality content to our employees, says Yvonne van den Berg. The fact that CrossKnowledge content is well-validated, drawing on studies by universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Wharton, guarantees that our people have the best information available.” The Medicinfo/CrossKnowledge content is organized into learning paths designed to deepen understanding of a health or wellbeing-related subject. As employees travel along each path, they interact with e-learning modules, videos, offline activities and assessments. But Philips’ vision for the portal included personalized coaching and the opportunity to ask questions. So, the portal provides access to coaching on health, lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, sleep and smoking
cessation. And users can ask questions of experts, including a physiotherapist, a dietician, a lifestyle expert and a psychologist. To round out the offering, the portal contains general wellbeing information on a wide variety of topics, such as dyslexia, bullying and yoga.

Portal launch and beyond with internal marketing

marketing of the service. “CrossKnowledge has a lot of experience with learner marketing strategies, which they shared with us, says Yvonne van den Berg. They really inspired our thinking about how to promote the portal and engage employees.” Philips’ launch campaign introduced the FFHP over a variety of internal communications channels and media – all strongly branded so they were recognizably ‘Philips’ and consistent with the look and feel of the portal itself. Since launch, the HR team has run a number of health campaigns – e.g. themed weeks on detoxification, weight loss and taking micro-breaks – promoted using micro-sites, flyers, leaflets, posters and banners. Other creative initiatives have included lotteries to win gym subscriptions, lunch walks, on-site coaches and more.

The Fit Forward Health Portal strongly complements the other health options and activities provided by the company for employees. “Now, in addition to health checks, health support and health workshops we provide a powerful online health tool, and that enhances Philips’ reputation as a caring employer and a healthy place to work” says Yvonne van den Berg.