Digital training powers My Learning Revolution at Suez

"Social networking tools (…) help them get to know each other. Wherever they are, they can exchange ideas on the challenges they face, and share the experience they’ve gained on their projects."


Director of Skills Training and Development, SUEZ



Digital training powers My Learning Revolution at Suez

Suez has always focused on the development and growth of its employees – a philosophy that has guided a process of reorganization that began in 2015 and culminated with the consolidation of the Group’s brands into a single identity, Suez. This has been accompanied by the launch of a new training portal – My Learning Revolution – that brings new levels of training accessibility to 79,000 Suez employees.

Suez Environnement is a global environmental company and a major player in the water and waste management industries. The Group faces a variety of challenges that have driven the reinvention of its training policy to meet emerging requirements. These challenges include a diverse service offering, a need to harmonize working attitudes across different entities, and management of cultural diversity within a 79,000-strong workforce in 49 countries.

Reaching out to many employees

When we began our work with CrossKnowledge in 2008-09, Suez Environnement was still part of the ENGIE Group and shared its training platform” says Eric de La Guéronnière, Director of Skills Training and Development for the Suez Group. After separating from the holding company to become an independent industrial group, Suez took over the management of its own training offer, personalizing the CrossKnowledge platform to meet its specific requirements.

Although the content of the Suez training portal currently focuses primarily on the Group’s 12,000 managers, all employees can access the training portal and access a wide variety of material on demand. They can choose from the thousands of training courses offered in the CrossKnowledge catalog, in many formats including videos, summary sheets, theoretical courses on concepts, etc. “Our employees are very interested and they have given positive reviews” says Eric de La Guéronnière. To more closely meet managers’ training needs, Suez is also rolling out a mobile training offer that can be accessed using tablets and smartphones.

Remote learning to solve diverse needs

As part of its diversity certification, the Group has to deliver awareness-raising sessions to its entire employee base in France, from street cleaners to senior management. The Group has to show evidence that it has delivered this training to a regulatory agency in order to verify compliance. With CrossKnowledge’s help, the team developed a 30-minute mandatory e-learning module on diversity targeting 30,000 employees in France. “This project is a big first step, and for the team in charge of the program, the platform greatly improved it ability to track and demonstrate that training has been completed” he explained.

Suez is also using CrossKnowledge technology to organize and train 300 to 400 certified in-house trainers. “The social networking tools included in the CrossKnowledge solution help trainers get to know each other better. Wherever they are in the world, they can exchange ideas on the challenges they face, and share the experience they’ve gained on their projects” says Eric de La Guéronnière.

A training hub at the heart of company strategy

‘The resource revolution’ is the Suez Group’s new slogan and a symbol of the Group’s focus on the future, where all Group subsidiaries share a common brand. “For us, this is also an opportunity to revolutionize human resources by putting training first. We want the CrossKnowledge platform to become the go-to resource for training within the Group” explains Eric de La Guéronnière.

At the end of 2015, the learning portal will be re-launched as My Learning Revolution and employees will be able to access new, innovative resources, and detailed modules on specific business lines. Participants will also be invited to contribute self-shot videos in which they share technical skills.

The portal will be a kind of ‘learning store’ in which employees have an almost unlimited choice of training. We want each person to be able to find what they are looking for, whether that’s personal development modules, MOOCs, tutorials, etc. explains Eric de La Guéronnière, who is working on this major project in collaboration with the Communications department and managers. My Learning Revolution is a real challenge, since about 75 per cent of Group employees are on-the-ground technicians, and many of them didn’t even have in-house email addresses prior to the launch of the project. The Group is investing a significant effort in helping employees to expand their skills base, and in developing a sense of belonging and pride in being part of Suez.