The Rexel Academy, at the heart of corporate transformation

"We chose CrossKnowledge because we were looking for a partner who could support us internationally."


Group’s Talent & Organization Development VP, REXEL



The Rexel Academy, at the heart of corporate transformation




Becoming a learning organization

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A global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies, Rexel has doubled in size in the past ten years thanks to organic and external growth. Today, with 29,000 employees working in 35 countries, the firm is eager to strengthen staff awareness of the group’s brand values and corporate strategy.

To boost synergy and pool the most effective solutions, Rexel has decided to create an online academy and has chosen CrossKnowledge to help achieve this aim. With the Rexel Academy, the group now has a corporate university accessible to all staff on desktop computers and soon will incorporate mobile devices. The platform makes it possible to inform staff about face-to-face learning programs, while also facilitating the development of learning communities.

An integrated, flexible and international solution

Developing a single training platform is an ambitious project for Rexel. Some countries already have their own solutions, thereby making it a challenge for Rexel Academy to ensure that all the teams converge towards a single solution.

The CrossKnowledge value proposition won the support of the Rexel teams, who particularly liked the open-endedness of the solution. By opting for the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, Mohive (the content development solution), the CrossKnowledge content library, and the technical and training support services offered by the CrossKnowledge Academy, the group now has a complete training suite that fully meets its requirements.

“We chose CrossKnowledge because we were looking for a partner who could support us internationally. CrossKnowledge has also shown the necessary flexibility for a project of this scope, where
many countries are involved” says Alice Risetti, the group’s Talent & Organization Development VP.

A multi-local approach

Unlike many major groups who choose to deploy a highly centralized e-learning program, Rexel opted for a “multi-local” approach deployed in phases, country by country, adapting it to meet the challenges of each context. “We are here to ensure overall coherence and drive the quality of the programs, but the countries manage the platform jointly with the central team” explains Christophe Delabroye, Director of the Rexel Academy. To ensure maximum collaboration and manage the specific requirements of each country, the Rexel Academy has put together a network of local managers who work closely together and allow us to foster the sharing of best practices and content on subjects of common interest. To date, thirty employees based in northern Europe, the United States, France and China/Asia Pacific have been trained and certified by the CrossKnowledge Academy.

The aim is to ensure that the user experience is of the same quality everywhere, while offering content that suits the needs of each country. Fourteen employees have become “champions” who make up the training committee, which meets twice a month to discuss both technical issues and strategic orientations.

Leaders driving transformation

Top managers have their own dedicated learning community. As prime contributors of the group’s transformation, the Top 120 have access to a specific workspace run by the Talent & Organization Development VP. “The Rexel leaders, our Top 120, were the first to have access to the Rexel Academy, because we knew that their involvement was essential to the success of the initiative” says Alice Risetti. Today, these corporate leaders share content with their teams, targeting middle management and the upper echelons to act as early adopters of the transformation.

At the group level, the Rexel Academy team has worked hard to develop flagship programs for all staff. Among the most emblematic of these is a program focusing on values including: customer centricity, engagement and well-being in the workplace, as well as several in-depth training paths dealing with energy efficiency which is a key issue for Rexel clients. Thanks to the Rexel Academy, all staff members have the opportunity to learn and share their knowledge; leaders ensure that their teams receive and understand core messages; and it’s clear to everyone what’s at stake in terms of corporate strategy. The group is well on the way to becoming a well-developed learning organization!

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