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By CrossKnowledge
This practical guide, written by CrossKnowledge in collaboration with Jack Philips from the ROI Institute, will help you to have a more holistic measurement of the effectiveness of your e-learning programs, by adopting a number of key solutions to improve ROI.
By CrossKnowledge
In June 2014, The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey on behalf of CrossKnowledge and Future Workplace exploring the ties between workforce development and business outcomes. Hundreds of executives were asked how workforce development contributes to a company’s brand and bottom line; what type of worker competencies companies hope to develop through training; how development schemes can help companies retain talented employees; and which training strategies have worked best for their organizations. Discover the survey findings and some exclusive case studies by downloading our white paper.
By CrossKnowledge
Irrespective of age, education, and background, game playing is a universal phenomenon, and on-line gaming has given it a fresh boost. In light of this popularity, companies are showing serious interest in the question of gaming, especially in the training sphere. Gamification is becoming a full-fledged component of training initiatives. This guide presents a number of practical tips that will help you build an effective gamified system that’s perfectly integrated into your training program.
By CrossKnowledge
The effectiveness of an e-learning strategy first depends on how successfully the platform is implemented. What are the keys to the success of your LMS project? How do you choose the platform that will enable you to develop training courses easily, generate excellent usage rates, provide a motivating learning experience, and integrate smoothly with your existing HRIS?
By CrossKnowledge
Face-to-face learning, e-learning, virtual classrooms, quizzes, social media… we have more and more teaching modalities at our disposal. The challenge is to be able to balance them in an intelligent and structured way so as to optimize learning. When combined intelligently, the various available modalities make it possible to customize learning paths and provide learners with the support they need throughout the learning process, from pre-course assessment to final skills endorsement. Download the new guide from our “Best Practices” collection to roll out a successful blended learning program!

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