Community Solutions: a unique application for running on-line communities

Using cutting-edge web 2.0 technology, Community Solutions makes it possible to create a personalised training portal to run on-line learner communities and networks.

Community Solutions has a range of functions to promote involvement, intuitive access, contribution


  • Quick and easy to deploy, this solution features either CrossKnowledge e-learning content or material from your own catalog. Its web 2.0 functionalities make exchanging and sharing information easy and help promote the involvement of learner communities.
  • Inspired by the design of websites such as YouTube and Amazon, Community Solutions has an outstandingly rich visual environment. It’s user-friendly design offers highly intuitive access to information thanks to a search engine with advanced functions, a range of useful sort options, and detailed descriptions of each training resource.
  • A range of collaborative functions allows learners to assess, comment on and share (by e-mail) the resources made available to them. Groups of learners can not only share their ideas, documents, URLs and videos, they can also initiate discussions on certain subjects using a collaborative widget embedded in the portal, training path or course. Community members are encouraged to contribute, make comments and assess content, actively influencing their reputation by using tags (‘like’ function) and rankings (most popular/highest scoring content); in this way they benefit directly from the experience of other members. Suggestions also make it possible to visualise other subject areas likely to be of interest.
  • A suite of functions enables the person running the community or the manager to send reminders and information to, and elicit responses from, community members. Beyond community leader status, this person also has a curator/community management role and is notified when each new comment or contribution arrives so that he or she can carry out viral marketing to facilitate user appropriation of content.

Community Solutions makes it possible to create a custom community portal that responds to the individual needs of the client company. It is an open-ended application that can be interfaced with the principal LMS systems on the market.

Over 20 off-the-shelf selections are also available, in areas such as ‘managing psycho-social risk’, ‘well-being in the workplace’, ‘diversity’, ‘corporate social responsibility’ and ‘customer orientation’, or aimed at clearly identified communities such as ‘high fliers’, ‘young managers’, ‘sales teams’ and so on.



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