More than an LMS, a single cloud based technology platform to meet every training need

More than a mere training management platform or LMS, the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite is leading edge technology that will put 'learning' to work for your strategy and create a true learning organisation.

Whatever the training needs, this full SaaS and cloud-based technology ensures effective development of the target skills:


  • by capturing all of the knowledge within the organization: expert business knowledge; informal discussions in communities; experiences of recognised leaders etc.
  • by adding in every type of learning content available on the market, selected by the organisation: course catalogues, off-the-shelf e-learning courses, games, videos on YouTube, RSS feeds etc.
  • delivered via exclusive training formats with demonstrable teaching effectiveness: multimode courses combining classroom-based and distance learning that allow the learner to work alone and in groups, with ongoing input from the trainer; individual 'on the job' courses with mentor support; practice communities based around common goals and learning content, encouraging peer-to-peer exchanges; independent learning on demand etc.
  • all via a single access portal, personalised for the user and focused on their needs, whether they are studying in the office or elsewhere ('mobile learning').


The CrossKnowledge Learning Suite provides 5 unique benefits:


  • Effective training and ROI: thanks to its specialisation in 'Learning', it is the only technology on the market that goes beyond the traditional e-learning / classroom based options, offering exclusive teaching formats that combine every learning method, allowing the customer to maximise training effectiveness and ROI.
  • Simple, fast deployment: the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite interfaces allow you to design a course or a learning community 2 to 3 times quicker than most traditional platforms.
  • Openness and easy integration: designed with an API that includes over 80 functions, it is one of the most open technologies on the market and it integrates with the organisation's HR IS / Intranets without locking you into a single publisher. The CrossKnowledge Learning suite interfaces, for example, with the main HR systems such as SAP, Oracle / PeopleSoft etc., talent management packages such as Successfactor, Cornerstone etc. and intranet technologies such as SharePoint (a world exclusive).
  • Modularity and flexibility: consisting of exclusive applications specially designed to deploy blended learning projects (with Training on Demand), social learning (with Community on Demand), distance tutor-led training (with Mentoring on Demand) and the creation of business content (with Mohive).
  • Finally, powerful multilinguage management allowing simple deployment in many countries. Unlike very many LMS platforms, the CrossKnowledge Learning suite recognises a training object, then its languages: this allows you to create a one course or one community once and for all, then internationalise it without the need to recreate slides in each language. Similarly, the course contains a language-independent report feature that is used to create and monitor a truly global training package.

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