Mohive: design custom e-learning content – fast!

Mohive makes it possible for more people to design custom e-learning content thanks to a unique platform that simplifies each step of the development process. The only solution on the market to feature an integrated project management tool, Mohive makes it possible to cut production lead times considerably, especially when many different people are involved.

User-friendly and intuitive, Mohive puts e-learning content development within everyone’s reach and facilitates the collaborative development and enhancement of company-specific content. It main advantages are:


  • Simplicity — the cleverly designed interface is easy for non-specialists to use, and ensures rapid content development and industrialisation. It is entirely web-based and requires no installation.
  • Flexibility — thanks to simple, fast content updates. Modules designed using Mohive can be published in different formats (pdf, html, etc.), directly in the LMS (Mohive is SCORM and AICC compliant), online or offline. Mohive also makes it possible to manage the collection, storage, and use of project design media.
  • Personalisation — Mohive offers 29 interactive graphics templates that allow you to develop exercises (multiple choice, drag-and-drop, browsing exercises, cloze tests, etc.), including videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Two software development kits — make it possible to personalise course design. Various options are available: skins reflecting the visual identity of the company or product, animated introductions, assistance with variable screen resolution, etc. 
  • Workflow — brings all the people involved together in a single development space. Workflow gives you full control over the project cycle: from the definition of learning objectives to the management of all those involved: from checking and approval to quality control to content publication. This collaborative tool drastically cuts development lead times.
  • Re-use of content — any element of an existing Mohive project can be updated individually or used without modification in a new module. This is vital for products that change on a regular basis. 
  • Content localisation — for other geographical markets. Mohive not only rationalises the translation process, it also facilitates all aspects of localisation (e.g. updating graphics, media, design features, etc.)


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