Learner Marketing: the cornerstone of performance-oriented distance learning

However good it is, a training package is nothing without full learner involvement. New blended approaches have significantly changed the learner's relationship with learning. It has now become vital to recruit, incentivise, support and retain learning communities; it will come as no surprise that these terms are borrowed from the world of marketing.

This is why, at an early stage, CrossKnowledge asked a work group made up of internal and external experts to help develop what was destined to become a new dimension of our business: Learner Marketing.

CrossKnowledge has identified what needs to be done at the various stages of the project (launch, support, completion) to ensure high participation levels and success rates:


  • Building a strong brand and making change into a promise for the learner (teasers, posters, introductory guides, etc.)
  • Identifying attributes of the target so that the most appropriate approach can be adopted from the many options available: phone support, e-mail interactions, meeting with line manager, chatroom, web conference, etc.
  • Running all the relevant networks primarily the network of learners but also that of the HR / training community, senior  management, line managers, etc. via newsletters, testimonials, satisfaction surveys, and so on.

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