Project management and performance measurement in e-learning training programs

To be fully effective, a training program must, from design to review, respond to classic project management criteria.

CrossKnowledge offers its clients the services of experts who work at every stage of the program, leveraging experience gained on hundreds of successful projects.

CrossKnowledge helps clients get the very best from distance training programs. Depending on the level of empowerment the client requires, CrossKnowledge offers a whole range of services, with a single project manager coordinating the various steps:


  • Technical audit of client’s IT resources to ensure chosen solutions will be fully operational
  • Development of bespoke websites, in line with both the client’s graphic environment/brand identity and the educational intent of the programme
  • Platform administration: path development, learner group creation, learner enrolments, tutoring configurations, etc.
  • Tracking data production and analysis according to previously defined benchmarks (skills acquisition, satisfaction rates, completion rates, etc.)

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