CrossKnowledge Sessions: E-learning modules off-the-shelf

Recognised as state-of-the-art products throughout the world, the CrossKnowledge Sessions are 30-40 minute self-contained and stand-alone elearning modules with an inductive pedagogical approach, covering key concepts, practices and managerial behaviours.

CrossKnowledge currently offers more than 300 e-learning modules in ten different languages (French, English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, German, Italian, Finnish, Chinese and Japanese).


The CrossKnowledge Sessions are based on an exclusive educational format:


  • the use of one or more voices as a common thread, providing a user experience close to that of TV or radio,
  • extensive use of video to demonstrate good and bad practices,
  • inductive educational methods aimed at promoting learning through discovery rather than top-down learning,
  • frequent interactivity to pace training and keep users active,
  • systematic practical exercises to check that know-how is really being acquired and assimilated.


The quality of the CrossKnowledge Sessions has led to them being selected as an integral part of the diploma programmes of the foremost European business schools, for example, HEC Paris, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, ESMT (Germany), Vlerick (Belgium), Open University (UK). They have also become the standard solution used by major international networks for training business leaders, managers and key account managers such as Mercuri International and Krauthammer.


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