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19th april 2012

2:00 pm GMT +1:00 / 9:00 am CST



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Who is it for?

All kind of managers and L&D staff.

Innovative and inspiring solution for your managers

Discover 'My Management TV' (MMTV): a YouTube style portal for Leaders & Management teams featuring 3 - 5 minute storytelling videos.


Learning needs to start with inspiration and we all know that most management teams are very busy and need an extra nudge to think about and engage their own learning. To help solve this Crossknowledge have assembled the world's leading experts to share their knowledge via engaging anecdotal video.


Watch examples of a videocasts on our CrossKnowledge TV


My Management TV is Engaging:


  • Hundreds of videos covering all business areas, from strategy to finance
  • Effective storytelling videos challenges the view to reflect on her own practices
  • Short 3-4 minute format, makes learning very accessible & inspirational
  • A social media portal for your own company:
  • Embed your own videos
  • Brand with your own look and feel
  • Full web 2.0 functionality to share, discuss and rate content

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Matt Prisco | My Management TV expert


Matthew Prisco 

Global account manager  



Paul Morton —Business Consulting Director - CrossKnowledge e-learning

Paul Morton

 Business Consulting Director