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By CrossKnowledge
Marketing your digital training program is an essential step in making sure learners actively join in the program and continue to stay involved. However, marketing is not just a question of reasoning and convincing your audience. It is actually a studied implementation of a variety of tools and techniques that help you promote your service. The purpose of this guide is to take you into the mind of an experienced marketer to learn the right habits and reflexes that will help you market to your learners with maximum impact.
By CrossKnowledge
This book introduces you to the basics of digital learning from various angles, including concrete tips and tricks. You discover how to create and implement a successful digital learning strategy and environment within your organization. Prepare to free your employees’ talents by providing them with a customized digital learning experience!
By CrossKnowledge
Digitalize your offer, products and services will help you to create value at all levels. And the training departments adopted this approach. In a world where everyone is going digital, it should be pretty much a non-event. But the fact remains that migrating to digital has enough impact on the way training teams organize things for them to take it very seriously, in terms of how they analyze it, how they define their strategy, and how they implement it. This guide aims to give you practical advice that will allow you to build and deploy an enduring, motivating, and effective training digitalization strategy.
By CrossKnowledge
This practical guide, written by CrossKnowledge in collaboration with Jack Philips from the ROI Institute, will help you to have a more holistic measurement of the effectiveness of your e-learning programs, by adopting a number of key solutions to improve ROI.
By CrossKnowledge
In June 2014, The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey on behalf of CrossKnowledge and Future Workplace exploring the ties between workforce development and business outcomes. Hundreds of executives were asked how workforce development contributes to a company’s brand and bottom line; what type of worker competencies companies hope to develop through training; how development schemes can help companies retain talented employees; and which training strategies have worked best for their organizations. Discover the survey findings and some exclusive case studies by downloading our white paper.

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