Leverage Collective Intelligence to Build an Enduring Business Advantage

Innovation has become the key to long-term business success and the one common ingredient to ensuring sustained customer loyalty, employee engagement, and growth.

It’s no longer enough to have a great product, an effective marketing strategy, or even a wonderful workforce. And cost-cutting, mergers, and acquisitions will only take you so far.

InnovationSHIFT™ by CrossKnowledge: The Solution to the Challenge of Business-focused Innovation

InnovationSHIFT™ is a customizable social learning experience that fuels the innovation pipeline by leveraging collective intelligence across the organization. Developed and designed with Gary Hamel, world innovation thought leader, and MLab, InnovationSHIFT™ guides any organization to:

• Develop a deep understanding of what innovation is (and isn’t)
• Hone everyone’s creative mindsets, instincts, and habits
• Generate a powerful collection of insights on your customers, your industry trends, and your organization’s skills and assets
• Create a vibrant innovation community dedicated to creating the future of your company
• Ultimately have certified business innovators and a bounty of transformative, impactful ideas