Expertise to Cultivate and Activate Innovation

84% executives believe innovation is important to growth strategy but only 6% are satisfied with their companies’ innovation performance

— McKinsey, 2015

InnovationSHIFT™: A Ready-to-Customize, Ready-to-run Innovation Solution

InnovationSHIFT™ from CrossKnowledge delivers a unique experience — a combination of learning and concept-building that equips anyone in an organization to think and act like a business innovator. With InnovationSHIFT™ you invest in each person’s creative capacity and grow your company’s innovation quotient. Designed by Gary Hamel and the team at the Management Lab (MLab), InnovationSHIFT™ is the only method that combines learning with actual innovation. Participants generate ideas and apply the proven methods of Hamel and MLab, so their ideas become viable and create sustainable value for the organization.

Sharpen practical understanding of what innovation is (and what it isn’t)

Awaken and develop your creative mindsets, instincts, and habits

Work with a set of practical tools for generating unconventional insights and developing new opportunities

Use a platform for collaborating productively with colleagues in every part of the business to create the future

Gary Hamel explains InnovationSHIFT™

Watch the recording of an exclusive webinar featuring Gary Hamel

You’ll discover:

  • Why a state-of-the-art innovation strategy is so critical for today’s businesses
  • Examples of companies that have achieved great success through innovation
  • Concrete ways to develop ongoing management innovation across your company

CrossKnowledge Expertise Helped Generate 1,000 New Ideas for an International Retailer’s Business Model

3,000 first-level managers and above were invited to participate.




completed the course


business model ideas were generated


“likes” were registered for site content


comments were posted on site content


themes (with five to eight ideas per theme) were identified and pushed to the top 100 ideas