December 10

Webinar: Boost your L&D visibility | Aired on December 10, 2015

Boost your L&D visibility and credibility

How-to build your Annual Learning report

Aired on December 10, 2015 at 10 AM (EST), 4 PM (GMT+1), 3 PM (GMT) 

Corporate Learning Leaders face challenges when measuring and reporting the contribution and value of learning. Creating an Annual Learning report boosts the visibility and the credibility of L&D programs in your organization. This webinar shows you how to build an Annual Learning report and capture the added value of your Learning and Development program. Are you able to show the competitive advantage of learning?

Biggest Takeaways

  • Understand how learning can contribute and add value to an organization
  • Visualize how learning can give your organization a competitive advantage
  • Create an Annual Learning report that will boost the visiblity and crediblity of your L&D

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Featured Experts

JanRijkenJan Rijken – Learning Institute Director

Jan is an experienced talent and learning professional with strong business and human capital impact in complex organizations. He was Chief Learning Officer for KPMG, ABNAmro & Mercedes-Benz and is a recognized thought leader in the Learning & Talent community. His areas of expertise and experience include corporate learning transformation & strategy, talent management, leadership / team development; change management & OD, 702010 and L&D measurement.

As Director of the Corporate Learning Institute, Jan’s main goal is to share his experience and knowledge with potential CrossKnowledge clients and build a learning leader community.



Boy Wijenbergh - Business Learning Consultant - CrossKnowledgeBoy Wijenbergh – Business Learning Consultant

Boy is a talented young L&D professional with a degree in Management of Learning and a strong belief in the competitive advantage of learning in organizations. His interests range from powerful instructional design and learner engagement to measuring the added value of contemporary L&D. He started his career within CrossKnowledge as a Learning Consultant, implementing customized learning projects in big corporations in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Currently his role is in Paris as Program Manager for CrossKnowledge’s Content & Learning Solutions, enriching the library with new Faculty Members and in addition contributing to the Learning Institute’s initiatives.