Tuesday, April 18, 2017 / 2:00 PM EDT

Rules of Engagement: 7 Secrets to Managing your Team like Gamers

Raised on a steady diet of video and online role playing games, The Millennial approach to work is radically different from their Generation X and Baby Boomer counterparts. What if you could use Gamification as a Management Tool—managing your cross-generational teams in the same way Gamers approach a Mission?

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Brad Szollose will lead this highly interactive workshop, showing your attendees how to increase engagement, productivity and performance by approaching your team as if you are in a role-playing game.

Key takeaways:

  • The 3 strategies people managers must do to ignite engagement, growth and increase productivity
  • The only way self-management can work
  • Company culture hacks that guarantee loyalty
  • Discover the methodologies team-driven companies use to hire better
  • Simple steps to using gamification for increasing employee engagement and performance
  • How to retain, inspire and prepare the next generation of leaders



Featured expert: 

Brad Szollose (pronounced zol-us), is an international bestselling author, TEDx Speaker, business consultant, former C-Level executive of a publicly traded company and dynamic keynote speaker who specializes in helping organizations dominate their industry by tapping into the treasure of a cross-generational workforce.

His international bestselling book, Liquid Leadership gives you the tools to run a company in the Digital Age.

As a Web Pioneer, Brad co-founded K2 Design, Inc., the first dot-com agency to go public on Nasdaq in an IPO. His management model received the Arthur Andersen Enterprise Award for Best Practices for Fostering Innovation among his Generation X and Y employees.

Today the world’s leading business publications seek out Brad’s insights on Millennials, and he has been featured in both print and online versions of Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Advertising Age, and The International Business Times, to name a few, along with television, radio and podcast appearances on CBS and other media outlets.

Brad’s programs have transformed a new generation of business leaders, helping them maximize their corporate culture, expectations, productivity, and sales growth in The Information Age.