July 19, 2013

Webinar : Integrating Generation Y into the Workplace: 9 Strategies to follow | 19th September 2013

They’re the first generation to grow up immersed in digital media. Two-thirds of them used computers before the age of five. The economic downturn has affected them worse than any other generation, but they remain optimistic and energetic. They’re the largest generation in the labor force – and the future of our organizations will be in their hands.


Yet their colleagues are often challenged by their approach to work:


  • What characterizes them?
  • How to recruit, retain and engage them ?
  • How to foster cohesion with the other generations?


This webinar, led by CrossKnowledge and Tammy Hughes, CEO of Claire Raines Associates, is also an opportunity to consider how to develop an eLearning strategy for new generations in the workplace.