January 1, 2014

Webinar: Showing the value of multi-modal learning | 10th April

For a long time, learning and development has escaped having to prove real returns on investment. You know that’s not going to last, and you’ve probably already had to make cuts and start to prove that what you spend is really making a difference. 


In this webinar we’ll tell you who we think should be measuring what in your company.


And, what resources you need to use to prove exactly how much value you add (the next time anyone asks). The presentation we give will make clear the challenges of assessing a return and will go over the different evaluation models you can use. 

Your world has changed and the way you approach your assessment has changed too. Come and see what we think this means to you today.


We will tell you about successes we’ve had in other companies and what best practices we have learned as well as suggesting practical ways of really showing the true value of what you do.