June 2015

“Digital Literacy”, a new collection to assist businesses in their digital transformation

CrossKnowledge unveils its new collection of educational resources oriented around competencies to be acquired in the digital age. Made up of thousands of brief, educational videos, the “Digital Literacy” collection effectively rounds out the CrossKnowledge’s recent catalog development into new models focusing on innovation, management, and organization. All this to prepare businesses for their digital transformation.

Going digital leads to changes that go deeper than just the evolving computer landscape. The advent of new types of organizations, the end of traditional management modifies the mapping of skillsets required by businesses. Collaborative, nomad, remote, networking, co-creation, all of these new behavioral, organizational, and technical competencies that are interdependent and essential.

How to face this evolution ?

At a time when businesses are facing their digital transformation, we strengthens our content catalog with a developing collection of training videos that target digital competencies. For a maximum of 3 minutes, these videos are set up around three main themes: Collaborating, Sharing, and Productivity.

Added onto Crossknowledge’s offer (and especially the recent Soft Skills content focusing on working remotely, crowdsourcing, open innovation), this collection helps create the skills that are vital during the digital revolution.

Why this collection is vital ?

“On demand” Digital Literacy videos can also be used as an immediate answer to a need for users of new digital tools. Employees freely admit to having some digital shortcomings (39% European Union employees lack some digital skills, and 14% have none whatsoever).


Digital Literacy - competencies to be acquired in the digital age


“Developing managerial and functional competencies has always been at the heart of CrossKnowledge’s offer. This new collection integrates naturally in this system, adding the technical mastery of digital tools. It is this successful mix of three different universes – managerial, functional, and technical competencies – that guarantees our clients’ success in the digital age,” adds Steve Fiehl, Chief Innovation Officer at CrossKnowledge.

What makes this collection so efficient ?

The first video series will deal with tools such as Webex, GlobalMeet, Skype, or EverNote. As part of the Business Collaboration theme, each video gives situational views on how to use a specific function of the application or software, while reproducing it in real time.

To guarantee the perfect assimilation of content, each module is designed according to a simple and didactic format that stays brief and visually attractive. This format specifically is adapted to the time constraints that users often face  

Every month 300 new additions in both English and French will continue to be added to this new collection.

Discover exclusively one of these videos from the “Google Apps” series:



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