November 2013

New videocast series about “Key Account Management” with Diana Woodburn

In a series of 18 videos developed with CrossKnowledge, Diana Woodburn encourages key account managers to gain and maintain in-depth knowledge of their clients and to work with them to develop a network of strategic relationships. She highlights the importance of follow-up on key account clients’ requests, making changes to internal practices if necessary.

Diana Woodburn - Training programme for Key Account Managers

Her first career in various sectors of international B2B marketing enabled Diana Woodburn to gain a firm grasp of the inner workings of key account management. After a PhD in this field, Diana became an influential specialist.

She provides consultancy and training services to large international groups (via her consultancy firm, Marketing Best Practise) and takes part in its academic formalization at Cranfield University in the UK. Among her many published books, she co-wrote a work of reference in the field, “Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide”.

To ensure ever-increasing value for their clients, key account managers need to formalize the strategy for each client within an account management plan, using performance indicators to evaluate the profitability and quality of the relationship. Key account managers will be supported by their transversal team that they will motivate and get involved to best serve the client.

Diana Woodburn reminds us that establishing such a system is a medium-term project which implies mobilizing the company as a whole and making changes to its culture. It is a question of breaking away from short-term pressure in favour of looking towards the long-term with a select number of strategic clients.

It is also important to choose the right players. A key account manager is not necessarily a salesperson whose title has changed. To find out more about this role and succeed in your transition towards key account management, watch “Key Account Management” videos with Diana Woodburn, online with the CrossKnowledge Library.

Through this training program, you will discover:

  • Get familiar with your key accounts
  • More added value for your key accounts
  • No strategic account plan, no key account management
  • Following up for your key accounts
  • Building a network of relationships with your key accounts
  • Using measurement as a powerful tool in key account management
  • Make sure key accounts are profitable
  • The role of processes in key account management
  • Showing leadership as a key account manager
  • Involving your key account team
  • Running effective key account team meetings
  • Adapt your organisation to the needs of your key accounts
  • Key account management is a journey
  • Involve the whole company in key account management
  • Make sure key account planning really counts
  • Select your key accounts carefully
  • Evaluate the profitability of your key accounts
  • Is your culture compatible with key account management?


Discover more about Diana Woodburn here.

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