More than a LMS,
a Learning Experience System


CrossKnowlege Learning Suite makes it possible to roll out high impact digital learning programs and offers a variety of learning formats:

MOOC | SPOC | Blended Learning | Learning Communities | Mentoring approaches.

The learning technology has been designed to integrate the 70/20/10 model and CrossKnowledge’s learning principles. At CrossKnowledge, we put the focus on developing competency, not just participation rates.

6 reasons will make your e-learning programs the driving force of your development:

A modern yet friendly learning portal

CrossKnowledge offers broad customization capabilities

  • Customizable for every organization
  • Extremely modular with powerful widgets
  • Multi Criteria Search Engine

Put the learner at the heart of an engaging environment

Your contributions are recognized directly when you receive points, which are added to your learning gauge. Each activity offers a chance to earn points. The administrator can target involvement by weighting the points for each of the activities. In this way your progress, as well as your contribution to the group, are rewarded in the platform. This system of providing encouragement reinforces employee involvement.

  • User driven and mobile first, learning experience
  • Space for a topic based discussion to stay in touch with the trainer and other learners
  • Gamified and social experience that encourages learners

Classroom training & digital learning together in one single learning experience

  • A unique facilitator-learner relationship to ensure improved competency
  • Skill acquisition made easier thanks to the integration of classroom sessions throughout the training program
  • Advanced Classroom Management Capabilities

Steer progress and use the platform as support to help your learners reach their goals.

Successful training has to include effective monitoring of its measurable results. Within the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, steer the monitoring and progress of the training from the suite’s dashboard. You can monitor progress between learners in a class with progress indicators, and see over time if the indicators are in the green range. You will be able to see risks, and make adjustments to the training if necessary.

  • Keep up with the rhythm of activities and evaluate the impact of your training programs
  • Measure accomplishments and keep an eye on the work left to be done
  • From start to finish, help them to reach their objectives

Design, implement and manage withagility

Using the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite back office, you can duplicate every learning path. All the learning elements and activities available within the platform can also be redistributed to improve or enhance a training program.

  • Duplicate and deploy your training programs in a few mouse clicks
  • Manage your training programs with drag and drop
  • Steer and easily organize implementation using CrossKnowledge best practices

A robust and flexible infrastructure

  • Technology independent with Hybrid Cloud
  • Learner Centric Service Level Agreement 99.5% guarantee; >99.8% noticed
  • Ready for Worldwide Deployment
  • SAAS Architecture