Publishing quality e-learning content

10 reasons publishing beautiful, engaging, and efficient e-learning courses is easy with Mohive

Mohive makes it possible for more people to design and deliver custom e-learning content thanks to a unique platform that simplifies each step of the development process. The only solution on the market to feature an integrated project management tool, Mohive makes it possible to cut production lead times considerably, especially when many different people are involved.

Beautiful, engaging, and efficient

1.  Built with a responsive design approach: courses look just as nice on a desktop computer as they do after publishing on a phone or a tablet.

2. Subtle ergonomic effects: making the learning experience as engaging and as pleasant as possible.

Deliver courses in a fast, industrialized way

3.  Focus on content with one-time course creation: Mohive takes care of the design. You’ll need to use zero extra effort to adapt your course to any device, or to benefit from the ergonomic effects.

4. No need to start from a blank slate: 30 templates are available to guide you. They’ll provide inspiration to build a whole variety of exercises that will make your course attractive and efficient.

5. Recycle, search, and replace media: reuse power points and convert them into HTML5 animation. With the Mohive media library, you can easily share and manage assets from one place.

Course creation shouldn't be an obstacle

6. Guiding you step by step so you won’t lose sight of your objective: from early conception to publication, through quality control and localization, we’re here for you through all stages of the process.

7. Together we go faster. We’ll involve as many people as you need to review, comment, and improve your courses.

8. Reviewing on the go. With the Mohive web app you can review your modules from your smartphone, or send review link to colleagues so they can comment on it, either from their smartphone or desktop compute.

Drive content production and share knowledge

9. Cutting-edge technology. Mohive is a high-level software delivered as a service. Enhancements released every week, new features every month. Next on the line, the possibility to build branching scenarios.

10. Handcrafted with love by a team of passionate people. Just to name a few: Suzanne, Eric, David, Jérémy, another Jérémy, Amaury, Jeanne, Renaud, Romain, Olivier, Pedro, Rémy, Mica, Luan, Frank, Sophie, Olivier, Marcia, Karl, Laurent, Ouiza, Bertrand, Vincent, Roland, Myriam, Ji, and many more.