The CrossKnowledge Library

Recognized as the leading solution in the distance learning industry for management, leadership, and soft skills, the CrossKnowledge Library offers a state-of-the-art catalog localized to ensure perfect relevance for local markets and is available in 17 languages.

Created with the top minds from the world’s leading universities & business schools, to bring the most recent thought leadership and techniques into your organization

Designed in a learner centric way, with inductive pedagogy

A variety of complementary formats

Available in 17 languages, ATAWAD, 100% mobile accessibility

The Skills
You Need
to Succeed

We cover today’s and tomorrow’s most in demand skills,
Fully adaptable to your own skills framework


• Changing corporate culture

• Managing change

• Managing turnarounds

• Sharing the vision

Client Orientation

• Making teams more customer-oriented

• Managing customers


• Building a brand

• Effective writing

• Learning to listen

• Managing conflicts

• Mastering external communication

• Mastering internal communication

• Mastering media and PR

• Running effective meetings

• Succeeding as an occasional trainer

• Successful public speaking

• Win-win negotiations

Corporate governance

Corporate social responsability

Developing Talents

• Career management

• Developing leaders

• Fostering independence

• Giving feedback

• Mentoring and coaching

• Training

• Work-life balance

Developing your entrepreneurship

Driving Operations

• Health and Safety Issues

• Managing distribution

• Managing supply

• Optimizing operations performance

• Regulatory issues


• Building the business

• Developing your entrepreneurship

• Driving financial aspects

• Starting up


Ethics and Responsibility

• Corporate social responsability

• Ethics


• Creating value

• Forecasting and control

• Managing cash

• Managing costs

• Managing risks

• Mergers and acquisitions

Global Business

• International business

• Working across cultures

Human Resources

• Hiring

• Managing diversity

• Preventing conflicts

• Retaining

• Working across generations

Implementing a strategy at business level

Innovation and Creativity

• Creating a culture of innovation

• Developing creativity

• Inventing and launching


• Decision-making

• Effective implementation

• Leadership attitudes

• Managing crisis

Leveraging information technology

Managing change

Managing people

• Assessing performance

• Becoming a manager

• Delegating

• Leading a team to success

• Making your team more customer-oriented

• Managing individuals

• Managing stress in your team

• Managing tense relationships

• Motivating people

• Planning for the future

• Remote Management

• Running an effective meeting

• Working across generations

Managing Performance

• Assessing performance

• Developing collective performance

• Developing individual performance

• Work-life balance

Managing projects

• Managing cross-functionally

• Project management

Mastering internal communication

Operating Systems

• iPad

• Samsung Galaxy S6

• Samsung Tablet S2

• Windows 10

• Windows 8.1

Personal Development

• Assertiveness and self-confidence

• Day-to-day effectiveness

• Developing your emotional intelligence

• Learning

• Managing your career

• Managing your time

• Networking

• Problem solving

• Remote working

• Work-life balance

Personal effectiveness

Running effective meetings

Sales and Marketing

• Being customer-oriented

• Communicating

• Fundamentals of selling

• Managing a brand

• Market research

• Product marketing

• Selling big projects

• Strategic marketing

• Understanding marketing

Sharing the vision


• Implementing a strategy at business level

• Implementing a strategy at corporate level

• Strategic challenges and opportunities

• Thinking strategically

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”

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to build highly engaging
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