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Your experience is an important source of information and inspiration to the entire Learning and Development community. Let’s work closely together to raise the profile of your innovative learning projects and to highlight your organization. Share your expertise and knowledge with others by becoming a CrossKnowledge ambassador.

This program fosters positive exposure for both of our organizations. There are no required commitments, only your willingness to consider opportunities on a case-by-case basis.. You can trust that we will only share or publish content regarding your organization upon careful review and your approval.

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Discover all the benefits of the CrossKnowledge by YOU experience.

  • Network with the L&D community to discuss successes, challenges, recommendations, and more.
  • Get first access to findings of key analyst research and other publications.

  • Enjoy an exclusive relationship with your CrossKnowledge representative.
  • Benefit from a VIP access to the technical support and new product releases.

  • Share your knowledge, explore what other people are doing, and meet experts by attending CrossKnowledge in-house and/or sponsored prestigious events.

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CrossKnowledge offers various possibilities of participation through multiple formats to share your successes and knowledge within the L&D community…and beyond! Your engagement is tailored to your schedule and availability. We will be respective of your time to make our collaboration enjoyable.

  • Participate in industry events and/or conferences as speakers
  • Meet with prospects during meetings and/or reference calls
  • Engage in identified key client projects by sharing your best practices

  • Highlight your learning experience in CrossKnowledge case studies.
  • Be interviewed by journalists for media and press blogs.
  • Share your experience with industry analysts;.
  • Display the logo of your organization on our communication materials.
  • Join relevant common press releases.

  • Submit your learning  projects for industry recognized awards.
  • Co-sign publications around topics in which you experienced success.
  • Share your knowledge in webinars.
  • Collaborate on future ideas through beta-testing.
  • Participate in surveys to improve our products and solutions.