Learn more about the learning solution Clarins has implemented to improve its sales support

Digital Learning for Sales Support at Clarins

The Challenge

Clarins is an industry leader in all sectors of the cosmetics market. Its selective distribution model makes sales support particularly difficult, because multi-brand staff who sell the company’s products at retail outlets are not on the Clarins payroll. Effective sales support and training is critical to the company’s success, but the challenge is in training sales people who are very much in demand by different cosmetics brands, and who often have to attend training sessions provided by those brands in their free time. Clarins wanted to incorporate a blended learning strategy into a digital learning platform that was accessible in all of the company’s international markets.

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The Digital Learning Solution

The training solution will soon be rolled out in other countries including Spain, Italy and Germany, with a pilot in Singapore and deployment throughout Asia also envisioned. Clarins is also looking to introduce new functional aspects, in particular collaborative features using social networking and discussion forums. The platform is managed locally by specialists who are trained wherever possible through the CrossKnowledge Academy, which offers on-line training sessions on how to use the platform.

The CrossKnowledge solution, called Clarins ePro, was launched in September 2011 as a pilot project and is now available to some 4,000 staff in Canada, Europe and Russia. The portal allows the company to communicate with trainers on a regular basis and place all the resources they need at their disposal. With non-mandatory modules, training departments in subsidiaries can effectively maintain control and manage their training strategy, while learner tracking tools facilitate the analysis of training data and make it possible to adapt training modules in light of expected and actual results.


Increase in revenue performance

"The platform constantly changes in response to user requirements. For example, we wanted our sales support staff to be able to self-enroll, including people who aren’t on our payroll. This suggestion was rapidly built in to new releases of the solution.”

Claire Delouis,
International Training Development Manager, Clarins