Digital Learning for Employee Development at Equinix

Digital Learning for Employee Development at Equinix

The Challenge

Equinix is the largest data center company in the world, operating over 175 sites in 22 countries on 5 continents. The Company needed to disrupt its approach to talent management, and sought to cultivate a learning and growth environment that would nurture employee development and career growth. The Company also wanted to attract and retain top talent within its workforce by offering clear means to progress within the company. The challenge was to develop a digital learning solution that would play a central part in the company’s talent ecosystem, democratize learning, and transform the learning mindset of the Equinix workforce. The solution also needed to be scalable and global, and help employees to identify and achieve their personal career goals.

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The Solution

Equinix first developed Grow Perform Succeed (GPS), a talent management system that engages employees with activities, tools and support to help them attain their career goals through well-defined requirements for career progression. Equinix also planned to shut down its five separate Learning Management Systems and move to a single platform that would host everything in one place and become an interconnected digital learning environment. The solution had to be highly customizable and scalable, with global reach, inbuilt social tools and a contemporary look and feel. CrossKnowledge designed the Equinix Learning Exchange (ELE) using the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, to facilitate social learning communities and deliver user-driven, mobile-enabled learning experiences. Modeled on a data center, this on-demand, global learning experience system allows employees to engage in just-in-time, self-directed learning.

In 2017, CrossKnowledge helped Equinix launch several new learning channels to further enhance employee development within the Company – Leadership, Onboarding, Vision & Strategy, Technology, and the Equinix Business School. All feature a range of business, marketing and career development resources, alongside ‘Equinized’ content and leader-led learning to engage employees, build their business acumen and empower informed decision making. In 2018, the priority will be on more social sharing, with the end goal of making the Learning Exchange ecosystem the primary source of information and communication within the Company.


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”Having all our learning in one place is super powerful. HR can now focus on developing the support infrastructure around the new learning system, and empower employees to plan and create their future".

Larry McAlister,
Vice President of Global Talent Management, Equinix

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Larry McAlister, Vice President of Global Talent Management at Equinix, shares his experience with CrossKnowledge

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