Engie Employee Development with Personalized e-Learning

Digital Learning for Employee Development at Engie

The Challenge

Engie is the world’s leading energy and environment firm, with a staff of 155,000 operating in 50 countries. The Company anticipated changes in its core business streams and wanted to develop the skills of its international staff with a program that could provide easier access and increased cost-effectiveness compared to their previous training efforts. Engie needed a partner to deploy large-scale training programs on a global scale and industrialize its courses with cross-functional topics. A main goal was to effectively encourage employees to develop their skills via e-Learning that met their individual needs and was time efficient.


The Solution

CrossKnowledge first provided Engie with an LMS platform that targeted the Company’s managers, providing blended courses and off-the-shelf e-learning content. This was expanded and now all staff have access to the e-learning platform. CrossKnowledge created courses and content that were directly relevant to the Group’s core business areas, and that respond to constantly changing job requirements. The flexible platform encourages employees to develop their skills by allowing them to train wherever and whenever they wish. Each Engie subsidiary identifies a person who will be in charge of designing e-learning programs.

With the help of CrossKnowledge, a Corporate University was launched that focuses on Leadership, Strategy & Culture, Transformation and Careers & Schools. Blended e-Learning is the prerequisite to participate in face-to-face seminars, which are accessible in the digital campus of the App. Similar to Netflix where films are matched to individual preferences, Engie recommends learning videos to provide learners with a type of personal “Learning Playlist”. The videos can be watched as many times as needed, and corresponding learning guides are provided. Corporate Open Online Courses, and COOCs (similar to MOOCs) are also available to the entire workforce.


Increase of the number of training hours


High quality standard content sourced from CrossKnowledge

Engie Energy Employee Development

"Together with CrossKnowledge as a partner for the digital learning strategy, transformation should be successful.”

Nicolas Rolland
Head of Engie University