Digital Learning for Effective Onboarding at H&M

Digital Learning for Effective Onboarding at H&M

The Challenge

With various brands (Cos, Weekday, & Other Stories, etc.) and more than one store opening in the world every day, the ever-expanding H&M Group wanted to focus on developing their employees. The goals of onboarding, employability and career growth become especially challenging when you consider that this industry leader is present in 59 countries, and recruits 12,000 employees yearly. It has 6,500 employees in France alone, where it owns a network of nearly 200 outlets. The brand’s French representatives also wanted to expand their special “French touch” throughout the world via a highly advanced onboarding program that establishes the fundamental values of the brand: fashion and quality at the best prices with ethical sourcing when possible.

The Solution

A diverse and highly interactive certification training program developed in collaboration with CrossKnowledge. The blended learning program provides flexibility, availability, and ensure team commitment. It also allows H&M to specifically target and build their own additional training modules for their teams. Integral content is mandatory, but employees can go on to choose other interests in the CrossKnowledge catalog in order to maximize skills acquisition. The certification training cycles last around 500 hours and contain a common core of skills as well as other specific subjects depending on the job profile.

Department Managers and Visual Merchandisers are the two groups targeted for onboarding training. Innovation and leadership modules were developed in collaboration with two schools to prepare employees for new challenges and the demanding expectations of retail customers. Through the Business School employees can earn a diploma in Marketing and Sales Management. Visual Merchandisers can earn an Interior Arrangement Specialist diploma  through applied arts school MJM Graphic Design.

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Certification training cycles were rolled out over an eight month period


Hours of training on a custom multi-platform program


Success rate. Participants are pleased with the recognition received when obtaining a diploma

Case Study: Digital Learning at H&M

"This was one of the most ambitious programs in the retail sector, from a pedagogical, logistical and administrative point of view"

Olivier Gondry,
Human Resources Director Stores France, H&M