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Digital Learning for Sales Support at Jaguar Land Rover

The Challenge

Jaguar Land Rover is an internationally recognized manufacturer of premium passenger vehicles, with a global distribution network and strong research and development capabilities. To provide effective sales support, the Company wanted a results-driven learning solution that was consistent for retailers separated by geography, language and culture. It also had to provide retailers with the technical information they needed to stay competitive. Unfortunately, the Company had a training program that didn’t provide effective support for its retail vehicle technicians located across 160 countries.

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The Solution

Mohive, CrossKnowledge’s digital publishing platform, was the perfect choice to meet Jaguar’s unique needs. The proprietary tool enables Jaguar Land Rover to provide effective sales support by standardizing brand specifications and training for all of its customer-facing staff across its 3,000 retail locations. Thanks to Mohive, the company can produce a high volume of new training modules and quickly roll out new product updates to its retail locations, giving sales teams the most up-to-date information on new products. Mohive also provides Jaguar retailers with the latest technical specifications and updates on new models.

Mohive allows Jaguar Land Rover to instantly manage training content across any of the dozen languages spoken by the company’s 55,000 active learners. This means that the Company and its trainers can focus on developing innovative content, rather than devoting precious time to maintaining inefficient older modules. “We’re growing as a company in markets like China, Russia, Brazil, and the Middle East,” says Trevor Drawwater, Content Manager for the Jaguar Land Rover Academy. “We need tools that will grow with us, and we get great support from CrossKnowledge.”

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Content is created in 12 languages

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"If we have a specific need, CrossKnowledge helps us get there. They’re always listening, looking at new ideas and staying ahead of what learning will look like in the future.”

Trevor Drawwater
Content Manager, Jaguar Land Rover