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Motorola Solutions : Blended Online Learning Solution to Develop Leaders

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a Chicago-based technology company that provides mission-critical communications devices and solutions for police and fire departments, as well as other organizations.

They were struggling to find a leadership development solution that would meet the needs of today’s busy workforce.

The Talent Development team had recently designed a new people-focused leadership framework. Their goal was to implement and deliver this new model globally to all 2,500 front-line managers within a six-to eight-month timeline.

The Solution

Together, CrossKnowledge and Motorola Solutions developed a blended, online learning solution called People First Academy.


The platform teaches the competency in bite-size lessons via short, engaging video content from CrossKnowledge’s vast library. Finally, feedback and gamification features keep learners engaged from beginning through completion.


Launched in the fall of 2018, the platform reached a completion rate of 94.7% within six months. With no live features to manage or classrooms to fill, the platform has proven to be engaging, easy to use, and highly popular. It has received exceptional feedback from Motorola’s managers: More than 90% found the content helpful and informative; more than 95% found the platform easy to navigate; and four out of five called the course a worthwhile investment of their time.


Results show remarkable successes


completion rate within 6 months

3 months

from project launch to rollout


active users

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"The CrossKnowledge platform made it possible for my small team to deliver a world-class experience to a global audience in a very short timeframe."

Diane Lohan Rosso,
Director of Talent Development & Talent Acceleration, Motorola Solutions

Next Steps

Learn more about the technology Motorola Solutions has implemented to develop leaders

First Responder

The platform’s next stage will feature CrossKnowledge’s BlendedX technology and expand to include third-party content, as well as more of Motorola’s own proprietary content.

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