Digital Learning for Leadership Development at Ricoh

The Challenge

Ricoh Americas Corporation is a $22bn a year global business, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The globally recognized corporation has around 30,000 employees in the US, Canada and Latin America. To reinforce their strategic repositioning towards client-driven solutions and information mobility, Ricoh needed to create a new mindset for its 600 leaders and 3,000 managers. The company sought to strengthen current leadership development training by introducing a more collaborative and seamless learning experience that could foster creative thinking and give the necessary support and training to future leaders.

The Solution

CrossKnowledge developed the Leadership Connection program, connecting one senior leader with five junior leaders and managers through a series of monthly workshops. Leading up to the workshops, CrossKnowledge content is pushed weekly to participants’ inboxes to serve as a basis for discussions. The workshops encourage participants to learn and collaborate using a dedicated learning path and knowledge community, while leveraging social learning features among leaders and colleagues. The format of the program creates an imperative for people to go to the learning platform, which helps drive utilization.

Ricoh also worked with CrossKnowledge consultants to implement leadership training programs through a customized learning portal for all its 3,000 managers featuring courses mapped to the company’s specific competency model. For a more personalized approach, specific courses can also be assigned to managers based on individual development plans. In addition, CrossKnowledge assisted Ricoh in the distribution of a series of short videos by industry experts that were aligned with some of Ricoh’s corporate transformation themes such as collaboration, communication and change management

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Employees have participated, actively contributing to the company’s future.


Self-directed learners


CrossKnowledge set up 125 different user groups and maintained discussion.

"Never before did we reach such a high level of collaboration in our learning environment. It has really impacted the quality of the learning experience for the better.”

Mark Pagenkopf
Director of Organization Development,, Ricoh Americas Corporation

One step further

Donna Venable, Senior Vice-President Human Resources at Ricoh, shares her experience with CrossKnowledge

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