Client Case: Socomec - Digital Learning for Sales Support

Digital Learning for Sales Support at Socomec

The Challenge

Socomec is an international industrial group that started in 1922 with a single electromechanical engineer, and grew into a global industrial group with 27 overseas subsidiaries. To hold their position in the market, Socomec had two objectives: improve the performance of sales associates, and reinforce and add value to its management culture. To stay competitive, it was critical for the Company to harmonize and structure the group’s learning approach between the head office, subsidiaries, and internal entities by upgrading from their last-generation e-learning content.

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The Solution

CrossKnowledge helped launch Socomec Academy, global platform that focuses on onboarding and developing employee skills in all the countries where the business operates. This provides a structured, coordinated approach to onboarding for both sales and management. Initially, time was spent training the trainers using CrossKnowledge content, in-house training modules, classroom training, and certifications. At the same time, sales associates were given free access to a range of training modules, and later a user community space was integrated into the platform.

Socomec opted for a blended learning approach that included an initial online evaluation. ”We chose about 50 modules from the CrossKnowledge catalog, and catalog access is customized according to the learner’s profile,” explained Tristan Colas, HR Development Director. In addition, group managers were provided with a dedicated learning environment on the Academy portal. Training sessions were rolled out to managers in Europe first, with full global deployment completed in a second phase. To complement the platform’s global reach, all of the CrossKnowledge content is available in six languages, including Mandarin.

Digital Learning for Sales Support at Socomec

”CrossKnowledge was very proactive and the platform has been well-received. Sales managers who have embraced the program show excellent results.”

Tristan Colas,
HR Development Director, Socomec