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Solvay University: The story of a successful digital learning culture transformation

logo SolvayIn 2015, Solvay set a clear objective for its Corporate University: increase digital learning from 5% to 20% by 2020.

The company’s existing solutions were :
• An SAP-based LMS where features were too limited, and was most often used for setting up classroom based training sessions.
• An obsolete e-learning content platform – with a mere 500 learners – that needed a replacement: the sparse content library called for an upgrade.

The Solution

Solvay needed a provider that could bring its system up-to-date with modern digital learning technology. Key elements to their quest were UX, blended learning and customizable options based on user groups.


In CrossKnowledge, Solvay found a partner that excelled in developing an array of learning experiences with varied content. This new learning solution offered the widest range of content and the greatest flexibility, aligned with the company’s new learning strategy.


The previous solution required uploading large amounts of content and yet only two academies used what was available. Conversely, with the new platform, all of the group’s academies had selected relevant content within a few months of the launch. The heads of the academies didn’t need convincing and voluntarily started selecting videos and e-learning content on the CrossKnowledge platform to recommend to their team members.


The results speak for themselves


The number of active learners increased after just 6 months
(from 1000 to 3000 in mid 2017)


users said they preferred the new e-learning platform, and 30% of learners were repeat users


users said that the solution was helping them improve current skills,
& apply what they learned

"CrossKnowledge suggested different learning experiences and styles.
These included additional content, videos, texts, and other options to play around with. We don't all like to learn the same way, so there needed to be a highly inclusive solution."

Amandine Lafont,
Digital Learning Manager at Solvay

One step beyond

Learn more about the solution Solvay has implemented to increase digital learning

Backed by first-rate support from the CrossKnowledge team, Solvay has managed to change how people view digital learning in-house.

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