Storebrand – Blended Learning for Long-Term Employee Development

Digital Learning for Employee Development at Storebrand

The Challenge

Formed in 1767, Storebrand is one of Norway’s oldest financial services companies. With over 1.9 million customers, it is also the Nordic market’s leading provider of insurance and pension savings. On the eve of its 250th anniversary, Storebrand decided to embark on an ambitious project to create a stronger learning environment, build a more digitally capable workforce, and align employees on its corporate culture. The goal was to create a common sense of purpose among its staff by offering an interconnected blended learning experience that focused on team collaboration and customer satisfaction. The Company was looking for a long-term and transformative learning solution.

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The Solution

Using CrossKnowledge’s proprietary technology Blendedx, Storebrand delivers group learning that is integrated into daily staff interactions. Video content from the CrossKnowledge Library, bespoke modules on Storebrand culture, and social features help enrich the learning experience. The program also features engaging gamification elements and was built to encourage mobile usage. Learners can follow their progress, and managers are able to monitor learner activities via the app’s My Team tab. To broach sensitive topics and challenge attitudes without causing offense, three animated Storebrand characters (two employees and a customer) were created within the program.

With Blendedx technology, the Storebrand learning program was designed to be agile and open in structure, while combining the best of digital and face-to-face interactions. Interconnected blended learning sequences consist of learning activities, social polls and interactions, and team reflection exercises. In addition, managers conduct in-person team builds with various activities. Storebrand continually analyzes feedback, comments, and data to identify issues and evolve the design of program. Each phase builds on what the company learned during the previous phase, to ensure that the program is engaging and continually responsive to learner needs.


The program was launched to over 2,000 employees in March 2017


77% of Storebrand employees were engaging with the program via mobile phones within three months of the launch


96% of learners say that learning is flexible and accessible

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”The characters and the gamification elements of Blendedx have really motivated engagement. We get comments like 'should I be having this much fun at work?' We think people should, if it means they're learning without feeling like they're learning.”

Nora Rolstad,
Competence Development Specialist, Storebrand