Aviva bietet seinen Teams Compliance-Schulungen in Echtzeit an (engl.)

"We are aligned on the CII directives thanks to learning content created in a very short timescale."

Robin LAL

Learning and Development Consultant, Aviva



Aviva bietet seinen Teams Compliance-Schulungen in Echtzeit an (engl.)


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Einführung einer Unternehmenspolitik und Compliance

Aviva provides around 34 million customers worldwide with insurance, savings and investment products. It is the UK’s largest insurer and one of Europe’s leading providers of life and general insurance.
Aviva is partly accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) in the UK. In order to give advice on some financial service products, Aviva underwriters need to be compliant on CII accredited content. Aviva has been addressing the need to train underwriters by creating detailed e–Learning content, where assessment that ensures competence is key. Once Aviva has created the learning content for a product, the content must comply with CII standards before underwriters are allowed to advise on the product.

The insurance firm has a team of three e-learning specialists in the UK to meet the needs of 18.000 Aviva employees. The team works collaboratively with subject matter experts on creating technical content and assessment and in the past this has taken up much of its time.

It decided to implement the Mohive e-learning publishing system, to make it easy for subject matter experts to create and edit content and assessment independently, taking the pressure off the small learning and development team. “Mohive gives us the ability to get our subject matter experts to input the technical content themselves, so from a learning and development perspective we don’t have to be the experts on everything,” says Robin Lal, Learning and Development Consultant.

Rapid authoring

Now learning and development staff and subject matter experts can create content within a very short timescale, instead of the 6-8 weeks it used to take. The insurance company used to commission training support from a number of external training suppliers but with the Mohive platform in place it has been able to bring all its training development in-house.

“The rapid authoring facility was essential for us. We did an analysis before we bought Mohive and we found we were spending something like 80% of our time on updating assessment content with subject matter experts. This is a way for us to give that ownership back, because we are such a small team. We can now spend time on projects we previously had to say “no” to or postpone,” says Robin Lal.

For example, the team has recently developed modules around child safeguarding that are now available globally. The child safeguarding training is designed to be a short but effective summary of hints and tips for employees who may be volunteering with children as part of the group’s corporate and social responsibility activities.

Another project has focused on creating learning content that is designed to raise the Net Promoter score of a business unit. Net Promoter is a customer loyalty metric that asks the question, “How likely are you to recommend the product based on your experience today?” Answers are given on a scale of 1 to 100. The business unit in question had a score in the mid-50s and was looking to move it to the 70s and 80s. “We are hoping to see good results on that when we come to review it in early 2014,” says Robin Lal.

An agile and mobile future

The learning and development team is now considering how to develop its e-Learning technology over the next three years. It is looking at using Mohive’s mobile-friendly HTML 5 facilities. It is also thinking about how best to integrate its SharePoint capability as part of a blended learning solution. It has developed some of the social aspects of the company’s internal communications on SharePoint, such as forums and chat sites aimed at information sharing. It is now looking at integrating some of those social learning aspects with its e-Learning materials and delivering a blended experience onto mobile devices.

“We are looking to integrate all the elements. It is really important for us that we provide on-demand content so that if someone is looking for some learning materials, they will find it at their fingertips during their day to day working practices,” says Robin Lal.

Aviva’s learning and development team is delighted with the Mohive implementation. “We are now meeting the CII guidelines. Our learners like the new content. They are familiar with e-Learning, as we have supplied it in some form since the mid-1990s, but this has a fresh, new look and feel. It is visually appealing, has rich Flash output and is more vibrant than our old solution. The interaction is nice and straightforward which people like,” says Robin Lal.

With Mohive in place, Aviva is finding it easy to create complex content with stringent assessment requirements that is attractive to learners, putting the insurer in the best possible position to keep ahead of the pack in a highly competitive sector.