bioMérieux kombiniert Onlinehandel und e-Learning um Kunden weiterzubilden (engl.)

"Se lancer dans la formation à distance représentait un réel challenge et nous avons vraiment apprécié de pouvoir bénéficier du support de CrossKnowledge"


Chef de produit marketing, bioMérieux



bioMérieux kombiniert Onlinehandel und e-Learning um Kunden weiterzubilden (engl.)


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World leader in microbiology and industrial applications, bioMérieux is a French firm specializing in IVF. It operates in over 150 countries via 41 subsidiaries and a wide distribution network.
Clients of the medical and industrial biology giant bioMérieux operate in a changing competitive environment and have to adapt to growing demands in terms of both competitiveness and quality. By combining CrossKnowledge solutions with an on-line payment platform, the firm has made itself into a „laboratory of ideas“ in order to support its clients in new ways and offer them innovative training solutions.

„The consolidation of the sector means that our clients have to become fully-fledged managers“, explains marketing product manager Laurent Verdier. „Many laboratories are merging together, and where once they had a dozen staff they find themselves in a group employing many thousands. This is why we offer them solutions to help them develop their performance“. Improving competitiveness, maintaining quality in an increasingly regulated environment, being instantly responsive under pressure, developing skills… bioMérieux is implementing a raft of new services to help its clients rise to these challenges.


Supporting clients in skills development

For once, the e-learning provided by bioMérieux is not aimed at its own staff but at its clients. „Our courses are even open to all medical biology professionals, whether they are our clients or not, in other words people working in public medical laboratories in hospitals and private ones in the pharmaceutical, agribusiness, and cosmetics sectors“, explains Laurent Verdier. This is why

the „bioMérieux Performance Solutions“ department, rather than the HR department, initiated the project and now runs it. „We’ve been offering our clients face-to-face training via the bioMérieux University for forty years. We really wanted to innovate and keep abreast of new approaches. Sure, e-learning is cost-effective, but for us this is just an added bonus. We don’t offer the same training in e-learning mode, which is more focused on the fundamentals. For more specific needs we adopt a blended approach: the two work in tandem and complement each other. Launching into distance learning was a real challenge for us, and we really appreciated the support we got from CrossKnowledge“, says Laurent Verdier.

e-commerce as a gateway

In October 2013, the bioMérieux group unveiled its new training portal, deployed in SaaS mode and interfaced with an on-line payment solution. This was a first for both bioMérieux and CrossKnowledge. „As we moved into e-learning, to be as innovative as we possibly could we also moved into e-commerce“, explains Laurent Verdier. In just a few clicks, clients purchase their training paths on line. „The gateway is the e-commerce platform. The client arrives on the CrossKnowledge website without even realizing it.“ From payment to course completion and from enrolment to reminder e-mails, the solution is completely automated. bioMérieux manages its clients independently within the CrossKnowledge platform and relies on its sales force to manage subscriptions and blended learning offers.

A reference in its business sector

The firm offers its clients an extensive selection of training packages covering technical topics („bioMérieux Instruments and Software“), scientific subjects („Science and practices“), management, and personal development. Content relating to core business areas has been created and developed in house. „That’s because quality and regulatory requirements are so stringent in the health sector. There are many procedures that we are unable to farm out to third parties“, explains Laurent Verdier. The teams continue to develop new content every month. Delphine Pineau, project manager at bioMérieux, explains: „Our training paths last two hours on average, with an initial quiz, for example on instruments, and another quiz at the end. Each path is divided into lessons lasting about twenty minutes, and learners have to download a course summary. We’ve also created a webinar and videos, and training packs are included for people who need to learn to use software. The client can keep going back over the course for one month from date of purchase.“ The group’s leitmotif is: training has to adapt to the learner’s schedule. The wealth of possibilities offered by the solution means that bioMérieux can position its training offer as a reference within its business sector. „It’s a great showcase for us!“ concludes Laurent Verdier.