Camille Albane entwickelt kollektive Intelligenz in ihrem Franchise-Netzwerk (engl.)

"The aim was to develop a social network and build collective intelligence while offering each staff member the opportunity to contribute to the life of the platform."

Marie-France DELACHAUX

Franchise Marketing Manager, Dessange International

Camille Albane


Camille Albane entwickelt kollektive Intelligenz in ihrem Franchise-Netzwerk (engl.)




Erreichen operativer Exzellenz

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With an already well-established training culture thanks to its training centre in Paris, the hair salon chain Camille Albane, part of the Dessange International group, decided to take things one step further by creating the Learning Lab, a full- fledged collaborative training platform.
Convinced that brand growth depends on franchisee loyalty, Camille Albane has set up an on-line community that allows franchisees to share best practices from their salons. Deployed in France before being rolled out on a larger scale, the solution has lived up to its aim of consolidating staff skills and strengthening their feeling of belonging to the organization.

Camille Albane first became interested in developing an on-line learning platform to respond to the challenge of mobility. Its Paris training center, mainly dedicated to hairdressers and colorists, did not meet the needs of the 1.000 staff members in over 200 French salons. This approach also naturally follows on from the strategy of the Dessange brand, which opted for distance learning in 2011. With the Learning Lab, Camille Albane also aims to encourage its staff to embrace the brand’s DNA and learn beauty techniques that are specific to its expertise and set it apart from its rivals. The aim is very clear: to boost customer loyalty and increase average sales.

Video: a lifelike learning experience

Based on the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, the Learning Lab is a training portal that lays strong emphasis on video. This means that Camille Albane can offer staff highly practical situational training focusing on developing social and technical skills, optimizing retail opportunities in salons, improving customer relationships, and encouraging team work. To produce these videos, the company opted for Mohive, CrossKnowledge’s content development tool. Thanks to this application, which is both PC and tablet compatible, episodes featuring video sketches and animated sequences are launched every two months. Customized in Camille Albane brand colors, the portal also offers resources focusing on a range of cross- functional topics and a content library made up of core business fact sheets and tips on service protocols designed to help franchisees adopt an on-going approach to learning.

Sharing experience: at the heart of collaborative learning

Sharing experience and best practices between salons was a real challenge for Camille Albane: „The aim was to develop a social network and build collective intelligence while offering each staff member the opportunity to contribute to the life of the platform“, explains Marie-France Delachaux, franchise marketing manager at Dessange International. Using standard platform functionalities, in particular the discussion forum, staff members can share their trade secrets with others and „like“ and comment on current discussions. This means that the entire franchisee community has a vested interest in collective learning, which they see as a key part of their involvement in the business.

In addition to this, when new episodes are launched, the franchise offers the most studious learners the chance to win gift vouchers or a weekend break in a European capital city, to meet with the Camille Albane salon teams, and most of all to share their experiences with the entire Learning Lab community. This idea, which has been extremely popular every time, allows the brand to strengthen its image and, by extension, to enhance the loyalty of its franchisee network.

Success reflected in hard figures

The outcome of this initial experiment has been very positive for the Camille Albane network. „A year after launching the Learning Lab, we already have almost 950 learners enrolled, 1.300 messages posted on the forum, and more than 5.000 login hours,“ explains Marie-France Delachaux. Of the brand’s 205 salons, 75 % had activated the Learning Lab program in early 2013. A total of 650 staff members have played an active role in the training initiative.