Carrefour Italia führt eine e-Learning Kultur ein (engl.)

"The CrossKnowledge solution was the best solution to help us introduce an internal culture of e-Learning."


Training Director, Carrefour Italia



Carrefour Italia führt eine e-Learning Kultur ein (engl.)




Einführung einer Unternehmenspolitik und Compliance

Entwicklung einer Leadership-Kultur

Carrefour is a multinational retailer. The group’s four mature markets are France, Spain, Belgium and Italy, which together account for over 72% of its sales. Each store tailors its product offering to suit local culture. In Italy, for instance, 89% of own-brand food products are locally produced.
Carrefour Italia was also keen to tailor its learning and development to suit Italian employees. In Italy it has 18.000 employees and 1.218 stores. The group had three main learning challenges specific to its Italian operations. It was looking to boost the management skills of its managers and introduce a culture of e-Learning. Secondly, it was looking for a more effective way of delivering technical training for specific in-store roles such as bakery or electrical department staff. Finally, it needed to deliver mandatory legal and compliance training to a large number of employees.

Carrefour Italia has implemented CrossKnowledge Learning Suite and rolled it out to all 3.000 management staff. The retailer’s learning and development team has also set up a dedicated instance of Mohive, which provides it with a framework for creating custom e-Learning content. The Learning Portal contains content from CrossKnowledge alongside content that Carrefour Italia has created to meet local needs.

Previously, e-Learning represented only 5% of the training; now 20% of training is delivered through the CrossKnowledge Learning Portal. “We thought that the CrossKnowledge solution would be the best solution to help us introduce an internal culture of e-Learning in Italy,” says Fabio Gabbiani, Training Director at Carrefour Italia. “CrossKnowledge Learning Portal is different from the other e-Learning solutions as it has a social aspect, with blogs, forums and wikis, for example.”

Stimulating discussion and interaction

The learning and development team decided to introduce the learning portal at management level first of all, to familiarize managers with the e-Learning platform and drive a cultural change towards more self-directed learning and development before rolling out the portal to all staff. It has now populated the portal with 52 training courses. In addition, the team created a video to launch the learning platform, which included a montage of different learners talking about their successful e-Learning experiences. In addition, there are video interviews with external experts and coaches, such as sports coaches.

The platform has a number of social and collaboration features and Fabio Gabbiani and his team are keen to make good use of them to foster community and blended learning. Carrefour Italia has taken a ground- breaking approach to inspiring community learning by stipulating that its 20-plus external trainers must participate in stimulating discussion and interaction on the platform as part of their role. Once a week they are required to visit the portal and animate discussion.

Managers take an active role in choosing their own training modules from what Carrefour Italia has called its “Management Campus”. There is also a “Learning Room“ area on the platform that enables managers to continue to communicate with their trainer and other learners following any traditional classroom training.

High engagement levels

500 staff are engaging with the learning platform every day for an average of two hours per visit. Every couple of weeks the learning and development team puts a new survey on the portal, to find out what users like and don’t like about the platform and they are able to respond using a simple ratings tool. More than 1.500 people responded to the latest survey, and 84% rated the platform as “excellent” or “very good”.

Fabio Gabbiani adds, “For me it is not just about the number of people rating the platform highly, it is also about seeing people being able to find solutions and training for challenges they face as they are doing their jobs.”

In future, Carrefour Italia plans to expand the learning portal to all 18.000 staff. It will facilitate this by ensuring that every store has one PC dedicated to accessing the Learning Portal. It has begin with a pilot that has seen employees in 200 stores have access to a dedicated e-learning PC and during 2014–15 it plans to roll this out to all stores.

Carrefour Italia has already inspired a sea change in its learning culture. Only a few months ago very few staff were familiar with e–Learning technology. Now, they have embraced the platform and the retailer is well on the way to creating a thriving learning community.