Bei Casino, Weiterbildung ist sowohl Multi-Format- als Multi-Channel (engl.)

"Our aim is to offer training that satisfies all the needs of our staff at all levels, from employees to senior executives"


Head of Training and Director of Campus Casino, Casino



Bei Casino, Weiterbildung ist sowohl Multi-Format- als Multi-Channel (engl.)




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The Casino group is the first player on the market to have optimised and refined the concept of „multichannel“ selling, which is now a key plank of its vision of local and precision retailing. It comes as no surprise that this approach also forms part of the training strategy of Campus Casino, the group’s training centre. Casino has found CrossKnowledge to be the ideal partner to help it achieve its goals, whether they require e-learning, face-to-face training, purely technical courses, self-development courses, off-the-shelf training, or development of core business content.

Campus Casino is a group subsidiary whose mission is to organize and manage training for all branches and subsidiaries in France. „Our aim is to offer training that satisfies all the needs of our staff at all levels, from employees to senior executives. We have a number of core business streams: logistics, catering, real estate, and so on. It is thus vital for us to have a training strategy that is well defined from an overall perspective,“ explains Guy Boudarel, head of training and director of Campus Casino. Gaining in visibility and being recognized as a quality training organization are top priorities for Campus Casino.

A robust technological platform

The partnership between Casino and CrossKnowledge goes back to the 2000s, when discussions began concerning the introduction of new learning technologies into Casino’s training approach. Over the next 10 years, the partnership grew in strength thanks to a number of projects. In 2012, leveraging the evolution of CrossKnowledge solutions, Campus Casino unveiled its new training portal designed for 75.000 French staff members. In parallel, to meet core business training needs (relating to food production, safety, recycling, sustainable development, and so on) the group’s training centre adopted Mohive, the e-learning content development platform whose native integration into the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite gives it undeniable advantages. Thanks to this system, the group’s staff have easy access to the portal, where they find a list of all the available training modules on generic or core business topics, some offered as blended training paths, others as e-learning courses.

Managing a whole range of formats and content types

At Casino, training is offered according to a number of different models. Courses that form part of the training plan of the different business units are offered in blended learning mode. „We believe that having a complete course with integrated distance learning modules brings better results,“ says Guy Boudarel. These courses are, of course, mandatory because they are part of the corporate staff development plan.

In addition, other modalities have been combined to create a diverse training offer that responds to each individual need. For example, staff can use their training entitlement to follow mentored distance training courses endorsed by a CrossKnowledge/ESSEC certificate.

In self-service mode, Campus Casino offers all of its staff members a new e-learning module every week. „We select modules from the CrossKnowledge Top 50, mainly in the field of self-development because this is relevant to the greatest number of people,“ explains Guy Boudarel.

Depending on targets and needs, the training team either chooses to source content from the off-the-shelf catalogue or to develop its own in-house resources where more technical topics are concerned. The training centre organized over 7.000 sessions in 2012, which represents a little over 50.000 days of training.

Hardware: a top priority

Casino is currently working on a major project, as Guy Boudarel explains: „We’re tackling an issue that’s been holding us back in terms of distance learning, namely hardware!“ In supermarkets, warehouses and cafeterias, computer equipment dedicated to training is sadly lacking, and what hardware there is doesn’t always meet system requirements. Efforts will thus be made to resolve this issue over the coming months. Some business units are already fitting out their premises in order to make special training rooms available to staff.