Die EDF Management Group University vereint , steuert und schult seine Manager-Community (engl.)

"La puissance des solutions CrossKnowledge et leur expertise de ce type de projet nous a permis d'avancer très rapidement dans le déploiement et ainsi de concentrer nos efforts sur nos objectifs"

Laurence LAMY

Responsable de la formation des managers, Université Groupe du Management EDF



Die EDF Management Group University vereint , steuert und schult seine Manager-Community (engl.)




Aufbau einer Leadership-Pipeline

Entwicklung einer Leadership-Kultur

Leading energy provider EDF operates in all electricity sectors and employs over 150.000 staff. Professional training has always been at the core of the group’s development strategy. The Dé fi Formation [Training Challenge] agreement signed in September 2010 con firmed the group’s ambitions in terms of HR development. This agreement included extending the scope of its Management University, an initiative that came into effect in 2011. It means that instead of being restricted to senior management, the university is now open to each and every one of the group’s 12.000 managers.

To achieve this, the EDF Group Management University chose CrossKnowledge to implement a technological platform successfully combining elements of group culture with skills development paths. Called „ecampusmanagers“ and launched towards the end of 2011, it responds to operational performance challenges, in particular performance optimization and training ROI. Its objectives, defined in close collaboration with the individual departments, are to ensure that all managers understand the group’s strategy and are able to pass it on to others, that they can define and share a management approach that represents the group’s values, and that they are able to support their teams through change.

A rich, varied training offer supported by a determined editorial policy

The University has relied on CrossKnowledge expertise to carry out this project. „ecampusmanagers“ is rooted in a strong editorial policy that makes it into a training communication channel focused on manager development. Managers are regularly made aware of the challenges faced by EDF and the group’s specific features, and given the skills they need to run and motivate their teams.

To achieve this, „ecampusmanager“ provides access to a whole suite of tools and resources, including videos of senior managers and articles designed to facilitate the understanding and appropriation of Group culture and priorities. In addition there are practical information sheets, manager testimonials, and training paths focusing on key topics for EDF such as innovation, quality of life in the workplace, and finance. As far as management skills development is concerned, self-service programs and training paths on team management fundamentals, training content focusing on change management and support, and tests making it possible to identify areas for development are all accessible directly via the portal.

Going global

After an initial pilot phase involving 500 managers in France, the project was extended to all 9.000 managers based in the country. The third stage, in 2013, made it possible to reach out to all the group’s managerial staff worldwide, from line managers to senior managers. 14.000 people (managers and management support staff) thus now have access to localized versions of „ecampusmanagers“.

„The power of CrossKnowledge solutions and their expertise with these kinds of projects meant we could move forward very fast in terms of deployment and concentrate our efforts on our key objectives: rebuilding a training platform for all our managers and giving them easily accessible training tools relevant to their daily work“, says Laurence Lamy, executives‘ training manager at the EDF Group Management University.

The platform has now been deployed in a number of countries including France, Poland, Hungary, Italy and China. Besides the fact that it informs the manager community more effectively and helps to align managerial practices, the Management University sees the portal as an opportunity to develop a greater level of consistency among the group’s subsidiaries.

„In the first nine months of 2013, the number of training hours was double that of the previous year, and the University is set to outstrip its target of 9.000 hours for 2013“, states Laurence Lamy. Not to mention a direct impact on hourly training costs, which have been slashed by half.