FCC bietet Videos an um sein Top-Management zu inspirieren (engl.)

"We wanted a good solution to provide our executives the necessary inspiration and support to skillfully perform. That is what we have found in My Management TV."

Alfredo AMORES

Head of Training and Development, FCC



FCC bietet Videos an um sein Top-Management zu inspirieren (engl.)


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Entwicklung einer Leadership-Kultur

FCC Group is one of Europe’s leading infrastructures, environmental and water management groups, with more than €11.000 million in revenue. It has over 80.000 employees in 50 countries around the world. Established for over 110 years, FCC is highly experienced in training and developing its staff. The group has excellent managers and comprehensive learning materials within the FCC School of Management; what was needed was a “bridge” or a way of connecting the two elements. FCC was looking for a solution that would inspire its managers to want to learn more and develop themselves further.

Now FCC has implemented CrossKnowledge’s My Management TV, designed to inspire staff in their dayto-day decision-making by giving them easy, mobile access to the guidance of internationally acclaimed experts and CEOs. My Management TV shows staff new ways of thinking about issues and examples of best practice through the medium of fi ve-minute videos.

“We wanted a good solution to provide our executives the necessary inspiration and support to skillfully perform. That is what we have found in My Management TV. It is not just about managing daily activities. It is about fostering their development on the main issues in business management, leadership and personal development, and making them think there is other training that they should be focused on,” says Alfredo Amores, Head of Training and Development at FCC. FCC rolled out My Management TV to the top 500 managers. It found that 90% of its managers logged in to the service from the very beginning.

Engaging videos

My Management TV comprises over 350 online videos featuring CEOs and academics presenting key subjects such as leadership, strategy, value creation, or talent development in an engaging way. FCC training and development staff believed that managers are more likely to take on board the concepts because of the authenticity of the accounts and the high profi le of the speakers. “We vary the videocasts that we recommend every week. The variety of topics and themes is good and there is a good mix of professional as well as people management topics,” says Alfredo Amores.

FCC has been proactive in promoting My Management TV to employees. Prior to launching the service, the HR general manager contacted board level executives telling them about the new tool that was available for the top 500 managers. It followed that up with a welcome message to managers from the HR general manager introducing the video resource. Subsequently, there was a further introductory email, providing users with login and password details and more information about the service.

A weekly newsletter highlights key messages with links to relevant My Management TV content. Managers are able to access the training videos on any device from a PC to a smartphone, at work, at home or while travelling. None of the videos is longer than five minutes and FCC’s training and development team believes this is key to the platform’s appeal to busy managers. The portal is based on the YouTube model. Users can react to content by leaving comments and sharing content with their peers, and they can rate the video using a simple tool that allows them to select a rating. Now that My Management TV is embedded within the group, FCC is collecting usage statistics to keep people engaged with the solution. Training and development staff email managers with “top ten” listings of most viewed content, or perhaps the top five videos in finance or the top five in strategy to encourage managers to engage with the portal more frequently. After the solution had been in use for nine months, FCC carried out a survey of users. It found 98% of managers wanted to continue having access to My Management TV. FCC employees speak Spanish, English, German and French – My Management TV has subtitles in all these languages. The high percentage of people wanting to continue to use the tools was consistent across every country and languages.

Inspired executive

Some managers have begun to request detailed training after viewing My Management TV videos. Alfredo Amores says, “We think this video solution has been very beneficial in making our executives think that they need to learn more – perhaps more in-depth training connected with financial topics or strategy. With this solution, they get the key messages in relation to any topic and then they are inspired to go away and broaden their knowledge. They think that it is useful and the messages are very well accepted.” Once the first year is over, FCC will intend to extend it to the next tier of management. “Video is one of the most attractive ways of delivering training. We thought right from the beginning that it would be the best solution for this level of management, to send them some key messages to inspire them and to stimulate their interest in getting other training,” says Alfredo Amores. It is clear that video-based training has delivered the inspiration FCC was looking for, to drive top management to aim even higher.