ING Belgien verwendet blended learning um ihre Mitarbeiter flexibler zu machen (engl.)

"What I like about CrossKnowledge are the short, accessible components. It is
modular so you can learn whenever you want."

Jannemie SENTE

Leadership Development Manager, ING Belgium

ING Belgium


ING Belgien verwendet blended learning um ihre Mitarbeiter flexibler zu machen (engl.)


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ING Belgium is the Belgian subsidiary of the ING Group, an international banking company. ING Belgium focuses on retail and private banking and commercial banking. It services over 2.3 million customers with a wide range of financial products and services. Making banking easy lies at the heart of ING’s strategy to satisfy its customers’ needs. To do so, it positions itself as universal direct bank, servicing all customers via the channel of their choice – face to face, web or phone. Alongside ING’s network of more than 750 branches, direct banking channels offer both private and professional customers the opportunity to optimize day-to-day account management, execute their main banking transactions and purchase products.

To meet changing customer demands, banks must offer more and more online services and be increasingly flexible. The banking sector also faces challenges complying with ever more stringent regulations, including Basel III regulations as well as country-specific laws. To meet these challenges, ING Belgium is transforming into a much more agile business, standardizing products and multiskilling around 9.500 staff. “Today’s learning challenge is increasing the employability of all employees. Our world is continuously changing and ING – and its employees – adapt to stay ahead of these challenges. We want people to anticipate change and turn these into opportunities for development,” says Jannemie Sente, Manager, leadership development ING Belgium. ING Belgium conducted a major strategic planning exercise for its OneBank Vision 2015 to be “the” “preferred” direct universal bank in the Belgian market. The strategy has three pillars – customer centricity, operational excellence and to be a top employer. It has identified six “mindsets” supporting a cultural change and helping to achieve the goal of top employer. Those 6 mindsets have been embedded in all HR processes (sourcing, performance management …). The learning offer including e-Learning modules and peer coaching has been reviewed to be sure the necessary focus is put on those 6 mindsets (one team for the customer, give & ask for feedback, empowerment & accountability …).

Towards a 70:20:10 approach

ING Belgium has worked with CrossKnowledge to develop a blended learning approach for management training based on the 70:20:10 reference model that suggests that most learning occurs in the context of work and in collaboration with others. ING Belgium has found the best way to motivate people to use e-Learning is to organize blended learning. “The major message is that you learn not only in classroom training but also through peers and through other kinds of training such as e-Learning and on the job. With e-Learning, people can learn anywhere and anytime including from home,” says Jannemie Sente. ING Belgium has also integrated the CrossKnowledge Library – 17.000 leadership and management learning resources – within the ING Learning Center (ILC). The banking group has been active in promoting the benefits of e-Learning. E-Learning is not mandatory so the challenge is to attract people to it. “We still have to change the mentality and mindset of employees and managers to proactively plan and invest time time to develop themselves and one another. Moreover, learning – and especially e-learning – doesn’t only have to happen during working hours. We are in a world of learning everywhere and at any moment. To enhance that mindset we also adapt the tools to foster mobile learning,” says Sente. ING Belgium organized a well-publicized summer school to motivate people to learn by themselves using e-Learning. It saw a strong increase of learning hours from 250 hours earlier in the year with 350 unique learners logging on, to 1.150 hours in the summer months with almost 800 unique learners using the solution.

ING Belgium is now looking to take the next steps and transform e-Learning to adapt it to iPad and smartphone devices. It plans to introduce CrossKnowledge’s “The Team” training series. The Team training sessions are based on the format of a TV series. The resulting learning experience is highly interactive, immersive, and practical as the TV series features characters embodying today’s leadership approaches. These characters are seen in situations drawn from the business world. The learner identifies with the characters and becomes no longer just a viewer, but the main actor in a TV series. The Team is a blended learning package with advanced social learning features. Learners can score, comment on, share and bookmark content, or activate discussions and contributions within their training.

Learning anytime and anyplace

ING Belgium’s HR staff is excited about the possibilities of The Team TV series. The plan is to promote it and to get employees interested in accessing e-Learning through their tablet devices, enthusing them about the possibilities of learning anytime and anyplace. The banking group is seeing a solid year on year increase in the usage of CrossKnowledge e-Learning. “We are getting good feedback about the e-Learning now. What I like about CrossKnowledge, and what people appreciate, are the short, accessible components. It is modular so you can learn whenever you want,” concludes Jannemie Sente. With the support of CrossKnowledge, ING Belgium’s blended learning looks set to provide employees with the skills and flexible attitude to learning that will ensure that the banking group goes from strength to strength in an uncertain and constantly changing world.