La Redoute , der führende Kleidungs- und Haushaltswarenhändler im E-Commerce, steuert in Richtung Fernunterricht (engl.)

"In choosing CrossKnowledge, we knew we’d have at our disposal a global solution that would enable us to disseminate training content rapidly, on
a large scale, and cost-effectively."

Bénédicte DECOSTER

Skills Development Manager, La Redoute

La Redoute


La Redoute , der führende Kleidungs- und Haushaltswarenhändler im E-Commerce, steuert in Richtung Fernunterricht (engl.)




Digitalisierung und Transformationsbegleitung

In the current economic climate, performance can no be longer assessed solely on the basis of expertise; it also involves our ability to anticipate social and technological advances. This is why La Redoute decided at an early stage to opt for digital technology and to defend its position in the world of e-commerce.

To help its staff cope with this digital revolution and rise to future challenges, the distance selling specialist set up a distance training school aimed at developing and consolidating the knowledge of staff members in the field of e-commerce and e-marketing. Launched at group level and called RISE, Redcats International School of E-commerce, its goal is also to be synonymous with a rich, enjoyable and innovative learning experience.

In 2011 La Redoute, determined to remain one of the major distance selling players and driven by the Redcats group to which it belonged at the time, decided to undertake the modernization of its training offer and to acquire innovative technological solutions and content that would be able to help its teams along the road to digitalization. To make acquiring new knowledge as attractive as possible, the organization moved from a 100 % classroom-based training offer to a blended approach. “Our staff were becoming increasingly demanding in terms of training, explains skills development manager Bénédicte Decoster, The desire to develop self- training on a day-to-day basis and to use a variety of training media also encouraged us to completely rethink our approach. In choosing CrossKnowledge, we knew we’d have at our disposal a global solution that would enable us to disseminate training content rapidly, on a large scale, and cost-effectively”, she says.

Opting for integration to
ease deployment

Priority was first given to managers, supervisors and customer relationship officers. “CrossKnowledge’s integrated approach gave us an all-round solution – a training management platform, a course design tool and off-the-shelf content – which was very easy to deploy. Integration was a necessary condition for the success of our project”, explains Bénédicte Decoster. La Redoute internalized e-learning content development and gradually enriched its training offer. “Today, the modules we’ve developed using Mohive focus not only on product-related skills (materials, weaving, textile quality), but also to business skills, e-commerce, marketing and client community management techniques, mobile commerce and performance analysis, that are specific to our business sector… For all the other subjects, we use the CrossKnowledge catalogue. CrossKnowledge modules account for about 70 % of our overall training offer, focusing in particular on individual or team management, project management, client orientation and self-development in the broadest sense. All the content is hosted on the platform and distributed in the training formats featured in the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite.”

Attracting learners with innovative training formats

To get staff members on board, La Redoute opted for the entire suite of training formats available on the platform: blended paths, learning communities, 100% distance-learning packages, all offering a wide range of content including modules, videos, virtual classrooms, and self-assessments… “To ensure that people would spontaneously sign up for training and take control of their own development, learning had to be varied, enjoyable, flexible, and relevant to their needs”, says Bénédicte Decoster. Some subjects can be dealt with in the form of communities leveraging the social functionalities of the platform, while others require more structured blended training paths. The relevance of the training formats coupled with the intuitiveness of the modules opened up new learning horizons for staff. “Thanks to RISE, we provide a total of 5.000 training hours annually. And even if some staff members still need to be incentivized using communication tools such as e-mails and teaser videos, most come to the school portal spontaneously and sign up for training paths lasting about thirty hours”, states Bénédicte Decoster.

Involving teams: the key to success

“For the most part the project has not been a technical initiative, but more an operational and organizational one. Thanks to the support of the IT teams, deployment went off without a hitch as the platform interfaces seamlessly with our own HR information management system”, explains Bénédicte Decoster. La Redoute went further still, implementing a unique integration between CrossKnowledge Learning Suite and the platform run by Forco, the OPCA [French body that collects training- related corporate contributions] for the commerce and distribution sector. This interface makes it possible to automate requests for professional training paths.

To ensure success, a specific team of four people within the training department was set up. By becoming fully conversant with CrossKnowledge solutions, the team quickly mastered all the techniques necessary for running courses, integrating new resources and creating new modules. Once they had been trained up, the team members became actively involved in supporting and communicating with both HR and staff. It was a winning formula! As well as using training to trigger self-learning initiatives, RISE has allowed La Redoute to develop the collective intelligence it needs to keep travelling the road to innovation.