L’Oréal bildet seine Mitarbeiter mit Fernlehrkursen weiter (engl.)

" "The CrossKnowledge Learning Suite appeared as the best designed solution in terms of user experience. The portal is simple and user-friendly, and the learner workspaces are pleasant to use""

Laurent REICH

Learning Practice International Director, L'Oréal



L’Oréal bildet seine Mitarbeiter mit Fernlehrkursen weiter (engl.)




Digitalisierung und Transformationsbegleitung

Kultivieren Sie das Lernen in Ihrem Unternehmen

In the fiercely competitive world of beauty, the talent war is fought on all fronts. At L’Oréal, training is one of the key planks of the employer brand and gives it a true competitive edge. Over twenty years the world’s leading cosmetic group has built a training program that is varied, extensive and innovative with a view to attracting the best applicants, supporting their career prospects, and fostering their loyalty. With over 70.000 staff in 130 countries, the company is now committed to providing everyone with access to training via its „Learning For All“ program. Thanks to CrossKnowledge solutions, all staff members have access to training that allows them to develop their skills, gain new insights, and move forward in their careers.

„An attractive and powerful training suite is one of the key arguments as we try to attract new candidates, especially in new regions where growth is strong“, says Laurent Reich, Learning Practice International Director at L’Oréal. „Of course we want to be recognized as a school of excellence, especially where marketing is concerned.

But beyond performance and excellence, Learning For All brings with it a humanistic and socially responsible approach to training“. For a group such as L’Oréal, which operates all over the world, the challenges are legion.

„In some countries, talent acquisition is difficult. In other areas, we have to take into account high rates of staff turnover and mobility, or we have to train large numbers of people at once, either to integrate them into our culture or to give them the fundamental skills required by the organization“, explains Laurent Reich. Living up to the promise of „training for everyone, whenever they need it“ is a challenge; distance training makes it possible to achieve it. L’Oréal aims to offer a training program that is as open as possible. „Learning approaches have changed, and self-training is much more widespread today. The company now has to respond to people’s self- development needs. If we don’t do this, people are likely to break away from the company’s own training system and look for training content elsewhere. The experience we offer our staff must be as close as possible to the way they experience the web in their daily lives“.

The learner experience at the heart of the collaborative platform

Launched in June 2013 in 68 countries as part of its „Learning For All“ program, the new L’Oréal training platform, called „My Learning„, is available in 11 languages. „We wanted to offer our staff something different from what they had before. The aim was to make the training more professional and this involved adopting new methods, new solutions and new training formats“. When it launched the call for tender to change its training platform and launch a new version of the project, L’Oréal flagged up four key development strands. „We wanted an intuitive and easily accessible system, a wide range of content and formats, a social and collaborative dimension, and an open system. In other words it had to be accessible anywhere, from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. The CrossKnowledge Learning Suite appeared as the best designed solution in terms of user experience. The portal is simple and user-friendly, and the learner workspaces are pleasant to use“, explains Laurent Reich. Training is accessible in two user modes: with the „on demand“ version, staff are free to train whenever they wish; otherwise they are enrolled on courses by a training manager. Although e-learning content is already being promoted on the company’s social network, L’Oréal intends to focus even more heavily on the interactivity and complementarity of the two platforms.

An extremely varied and fully integrated training program

L’Oréal wishes to offer staff in each of its business streams the best possible training content. „We’ve moved from a portal with 300 e-learning modules to a program featuring over 3.000 resources. L’Oréal produces about 10 % of the content in various formats, mainly relating to core business topics and innovation“, explains Laurent Reich. Another call for tender was made specifically for off-the-shelf content, and CrossKnowledge was selected to work on the „management and communication“ segment. As Laurent Reich says, „Their proposal is the most extensive and innovative in pedagogical terms. It doesn’t just focus on e-learning modules, there are also videos we like very much, especially the format called „The Team“. We like the fact that the thinking behind the solution and the choices they’ve made are focused on the user experience“. L’Oréal has also selected other providers, all specialists in their fields, such as Vodeclic for office software and Tell Me More for languages. All are supported by the CrossKnowledge platform. „We’re already seeing logins all over the world and the program has been very well received. User feedback has been excellent. Login rates are higher than with the former program: 10.000 people have logged in over the first four months“, concludes Laurent Reich.