Die REDA Gruppe häuft intelektuelles Kapital durch e-Learning an (engl.)

"How we acquire know-how and we are developing as a team,
is of primary importance to our growth."


e-Learning Project Manager, Reda Group

Reda Group


Die REDA Gruppe häuft intelektuelles Kapital durch e-Learning an (engl.)




Aufbau einer Leadership-Pipeline

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REDA Group is a supplier of best-in-class industrial and specialty chemicals, food ingredients, fi re and safety equipment, and technology based solutions. It operates a large network of distribution facilities, offices and warehouses in the Middle East, North and West Africa and Asia Pacific regions. Through a team of over 600 professionals, REDA offers innovative business to business solutions and local services to a wide range of markets, touching almost every key industry.

Education is at the core of their strategy; REDA believes that the performance of its organization depends on its intellectual capital. That is, the skills, knowledge and experience of its workforce. “How we acquire know-how and we are developing as a team, is of primary importance to our growth” says Zafer Naamani, REDA group e-learning project manager.

REDA operates a large network with teams spanning many different regions. With local training programs in place they sought to adopt a program for all members, where entire teams, wherever they are based, may access the same training; offering all REDA members opportunities for learning and progress.

It was essential for REDA to develop learning strategies to ensure a better learning experience for their members. With this in mind, it made sense for REDA Group to deliver training via an e–Learning platform. E-Learning is now the most effective method to give you access to valuable learning tools. REDA Group’s requirement was for personal and professional development training, such as managing a team, developing emotional intelligence and enhancing communication. Its highly specialist technical training is delivered in-house and from their specialist product partners.

Learning opportunity for all at REDA

REDA Group is spread over 25 countries. Its employees come from very diverse backgrounds. REDA Group wanted to offer the opportunity for all levels of staff to access training and to be able to develop their skills. After evaluating possible solutions REDA quickly realized that CrossKnowledge could offer a global platform for e–Learning for REDA Group. REDA Group has now implemented CrossKnowledge Knowledge Communities targeting different populations, and naming their platform The REDA Academy. Senior management was involved in the careful selection of the learning content for each Knowledge Community and the solution has been designed in such a way that learners can progress and access the next community level. The more you learn and show interest in learning, the more learning material you can obtain. In practice this means that if learners complete all the courses in their community, they can switch groups and take courses from another group. The learning and development team at REDA Group has faced a number of challenges along the way: how to introduce e-learning across different cultures and how to motivate their learners to keep accessing the platform and keep them interested. Working closely with CrossKnowledge, the REDA Academy team found that the most effective way to keep their learners learning is to keep animating the platform-changing the design and messages regularly in order to keep it exciting. They adopted a push strategy, where selected courses are recommended to users every week via email, sparked discussions within the platform, shared statistics with managers so top learners could be commended for their learning progress and sent out friendly reminders to learners who haven’t accessed the platform in a while.

In the future, REDA Group is planning to explore how to widen participation in the program by rolling out e–Learning via mobile devices. It also plans to promote the social aspect of the solution further through their e-newsletter. The newsletter will feature a section in each edition where top managers at REDA highlight specific courses relating to current business issues.

A positive experience

Employees are first introduced to the CrossKnowledge Knowledge Communities platform when they join the company and carry out the REDA Group induction training program which REDA uploaded onto e–Learning community. This helps their learners become familiar with the platform from the get go and encourages them to explore the other material this solution has to offer. Most of the users have accessed the e–Learning platform and close to half use it regularly.

REDA Group is committed to remaining a preferred partner for their customers and suppliers. This will demand that employees have excellent interpersonal skills to complement their specialist technical skills. With CrossKnowledge Knowledge Communities in the equation, REDA Group is all set to deliver the goods.