Kenntniss-Auswertungen im Mittelpunkt des Canal + Kundendienstes (engl.)

"CrossKnowledge has provided us with a robust, efficient infrastructure with resources that respond to our needs."


In Charge Of Tools In The Information Deployment And Issue Resolution Department, Canal+



Kenntniss-Auswertungen im Mittelpunkt des Canal + Kundendienstes (engl.)




Erreichen operativer Exzellenz

Being a customer service advisor in a call centre is now seen as a fully- fledged profession. Developing professional skills in this sector is thus vital, and Canal+ has naturally adopted a training strategy to ensure that quality service is provided to its customers.
Canal+ group is the leading producer of premium and themed TV channels in France, with 14 million subscribers. Eleven customer relations centers deal with an average of
1.005.000 contacts each month (calls, e-mails, chats, and letters). Whether these are requests for information or assistance, it is essential that the customer advisors have an in-depth knowledge of the group’s products and modes of distribution.

To ensure service quality is managed in a thorough and effective way, Canal+ decided to adopt a knowledge assessment solution designed for all staff members who come into contact with clients. „Although the tool is primarily designed for customer service advisors, it’s not only for them: managers can also be required to use it“, explains Lydie Valcy, in charge of tools in the information deployment and issue resolution department. „It’s now an integral part of the set of knowledge assessment tools recognized by our HR department. The original idea came from the customer service department following the creation of a benchmark“. Since January 2011, Canal+ has been working with CrossKnowledge on training staff using the „self-assessment“ component of the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite. To date, 3.000 regular learners on 71 courses have completed over 40.000 assessments.

Ensuring service quality

The aim of using this accurate knowledge measurement tool is to help to improve the quality of service provided by the teams, be they in-house or outsourced service providers. To respond effectively to customer queries, and because the service offering is constantly changing, Canal+ has set up a range of assessment cycles for internal and external CSAs working in several geographical areas. It was thus vital to find a way of measuring the quality of information provided on new offers and technologies, and to ensure that calls are processed in a consistent way. Knowledge is tested via regularly updated quizzes. „Our training manager is in charge because it means we have control over our content“, says Lydie Valcy. „We have three levels. First, onboarding for new recruits with, at each stage of the course, individual and collective testing to see how well the knowledge has been acquired. Then, once they’re up and running, staff members continue to train about twice a month depending on what’s new, to keep them up to speed. Lastly, we provide occasional training when we see inadequate performance on processes that are supposed to be followed when responding to clients, or when we need to train people on new products or processes„.

An effective way of formalizing processes

Although initially learners only had access to quizzes via a URL link, the new version of the solution changes their experience by providing access to the training via a customized workspace. The trainee can thus go back over the quiz and answers, and then visualize his or her progress. „Today, this assessment tool is at the heart of our communication and training strategy for customer advisors. Usage rates have rocketed“, explains Lydie Valcy. „It’s also allowed us to structure and formalize our approach. As we modernize our systems, it has made life much easier for us as it allows us to clearly identify the knowledge we deliver, the way it’s delivered, and the results we obtain. We now have a fully consolidated macro overview“. This has not only made life easier for the company, it’s also helped staff members acquire the knowledge they need to help their clients more effectively.

Performance analysis

Analyzing responses and results from different call centers and different advisors not only allows Canal+ to cast a critical eye over the information and assessment process; it also enables the company to provide support to those who need it. „We use the consolidated learner tracking reports. Depending on the success threshold, we analyze the performance of our call centers by looking at a macro view, then we focus on the questions that people tend to score poorly on, and finally we look at individual trainees, who will, where necessary, be reviewed by their line manager and receive the support they need“. The next stage could be to combine assessment and training in blended learning paths. „CrossKnowledge has provided us with a robust, efficient infrastructure with resources that respond to our needs, even though we are not yet using the tool to its full capacity, in particular the e-learning and community features“, admits Lydie Valcy.