Société Générale optimiert Dank e-Learning seinen Trainingsansatz (engl.)

"CrossKnowledge has an innovative approach that matches what we expect from training. We defend and support the same principles."

Franck TAMI

Instructional Design Manager, Société Générale

Société Générale


Société Générale optimiert Dank e-Learning seinen Trainingsansatz (engl.)


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Société Générale is one of the leading European financial services groups, whose ambition is to be recognized as the top provider of customer-driven banking. And although product quality is a priority for customers, the quality of its teams is at least as important.
The development of the group relies on that of its 140.000 staff in almost 80 countries. Offering them a training program that is accessible, coherent, and efficient is a real challenge. Société Générale naturally turned towards training approaches using ICT, particularly with regard to distance learning.

„We chose to develop the use of distance learning for three main reasons“, explains Franck Tami, instructional design manager at Société Générale. „The first is of course training accessibility, with an approach based on equality of access and the harmonization of knowledge world wide. The second reason is its efficiency in terms of distribution, organization and planning thanks to the LMS platform we have at our disposal. Lastly, distance learning means we can adopt a rational approach to training development, while allowing us to share training investment with all our international partners, especially Corporate training, which is cross-functional“.

e-learning supporting management

The Société Générale group opted for the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite in 2012. Initially used for top management, it will be extended to all 30.000 managers across the world in early 2014. The platform responds to three objectives: in terms of knowledge it aims to be a resource center for management; in terms of skills it offers targeted development paths; and in terms of interaction and sharing, it offers managers a community workspace. This approach is what sets the CrossKnowledge platform apart from the rest. Franck Tami’s aim is „to foster a common managerial culture and create links and intercultural exchanges focusing on what it means to be a manager at Société Générale today, whether in France or in Japan“. Aware that „pushing“ a program isn’t enough to make it work, Société Générale has implemented initiatives to optimize its use, involving program managers to ensure that courses are well adapted to learner profiles, and community managers to ensure that communities are run effectively.

Thanks to CrossKnowledge’s multilingual SaaS-mode platform, which makes it possible to deploy the solution rapidly to reach a large number of people, Société Générale can give its staff members the opportunity to learn in different places at different times, with multimodal access to all the available knowledge. „Our group has to work with credible partners“, emphasizes Franck Tami. „Besides its market presence and its strong reputation, CrossKnowledge has an innovative approach that matches what we expect from training. We defend and support the same principles“.

Independent development of core business content

Among the range of uses for e-learning at Société Générale, core business training also plays an important role. Since 2010, in-house teams have developed over 80 custom modules using Mohive, not only to respond to regulatory requirements but also to provide training on products. „One of the advantages of e-learning is that it enables us to reduce training costs. Mohive allows us to produce our own content independently“, explains Franck Tami. The collaborative content development platform has thus been deployed both in France and abroad. „Our goal is to identify skill sets by subject area and by country. By the end of 2013, we will have defined close to a hundred skill sets world wide. We’ve set up a community bringing together all Mohive users across the world, where we share best practices and advice,“ says Franck Tami. A project development tool integrated into the platform makes collaborative work easier; each step is simplified, and production lead times are reduced. Mohive offers the company genuine advantages as it rationalizes its training strategy.