Total konsolidiert seine e-Learning Strategie (engl.)

"The support and valuable advice we were given as the project moved forward allowed us to rapidly obtain results that surpassed our expectations."

Christophe TURC

Group's e-learning Manager, Total



Total konsolidiert seine e-Learning Strategie (engl.)




Digitalisierung und Transformationsbegleitung

Entwicklung einer Leadership-Kultur

A major player in the field of energy for over a century, Total has acquired a high level of expertise in the petrochemicals sector, including exploration, production, and refining. About ten years ago, the group played a pioneering role in the introduction of new learning technologies as part of its training strategy. It is now consolidating this strategy, setting ambitious new goals that will help it face the key energy challenges of the 21st century.

In 2002 Total showed its understanding of the potential of remote training by adopting a distance learning approach. As it opened the way to new learning modes, the group thought that the response from its teams would be positive, but e-learning was in its infancy and staff members were less than enthusiastic. “At the time, our staff were reluctant to use our distance training content because they thought it was of lower quality than face-to-face learning”, explains Christophe Turc, the group’s e-learning manager. Nevertheless, when senior management expressed the need to build a training path focusing on compliance for 100.000 staff members, e-learning rapidly emerged as the best possible option. This project, led by a purpose-built team, was a resounding success and opened the way for the next step.

On-line training reaches maturity

Towards the end of 2012, the group’s training department was eager to respond to increasingly pressing demands for training whilst adopting a global approach. Learning methods had evolved, and a number of innovations had appeared on the training scene. “We leveraged our previous experience and used CrossKnowledge’s expertise to take our training strategy to the next level”, says Christophe Turc. Total decided to adopt on-line learning for its new On-line Academy project, and opted for CrossKnowledge’s solution. Fully customized to reflect the group’s visual identity and interfaced with Total’s LMS platform, this portal allows staff members to access training on a whole range of topics such as management, finance, communication, and personal development. “After less than eight months, our training offer has a completely new face”, says Christophe Turc.

Giving people the incentive to learn: a major challenge

To ensure that staff members would embrace this newly consolidated training strategy, Total embarked on a wide-reaching global communication campaign. “We want our staff to make the portal their own and to take ownership of their professional training. To anchor these new learning approaches in their daily lives, we strove to make them as attractive as possible. In June 2013, we launched a PR campaign: we knew that in the relatively slack period of early summer, our staff would be more likely to be attracted by something new”, says Christophe Turc. Total pulled out all the stops to make an impact on future learners: e-mailing campaigns, TV ads screened in lobbies and corridors, flyers, goodies, etc. “Out of a total target population of 100.000 staff members, we were able to reach out to 60.000 people thanks to these communication initiatives. People working in refineries or on oil rigs are always harder targets to reach, however”, he explains.

Surpassing expectations

The wide-reaching communication campaign initiated by the group quickly bore fruit. “When we told people about a training module on diversity, logins to our platform peaked sharply”, explains Christophe Turc. By late August 2013, the number of active learners had topped 20.000, compared to less than 3.700 in 2010. These figures encouraged the company to formulate a new objective: to double the number of active learners within two years. “The support and valuable advice we were given as the project moved forward allowed us to rapidly obtain results that surpassed our expectations. As the months went by, our relationship with CrossKnowledge became a real partnership”, concludes Christophe Turc.